does srb2 keep ipv4s


hello, i recently learned that ipv4s are your computers current and exact location.

unless i can get photo evidence from a dev on the STJR team, im not playing online. ever.
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Everyone has an IP address. Many services, websites and other devices alike, utilize this address to identify your device.
You know, for stuff like servers, individual players joining a server, IP bans...
This is the same for local networks. Your router needs to have some way to identify your specific device among multiple connected to it.

Public IP addresses can not give out your exact location.
With some services, you can only get an approximate (not quite close) point around wherever you actually reside, as they more or less request the ISP associated to it for this information.
This IP address is given to you by your ISP, so if you're concerned about concealing your approximate location, it might be on your best interest to contact them.

To respond to title... It depends.
  • For SRB2 specifically, the game exposes your IP address when you host (otherwise how can other players join?), and it exposes your address to the server if you're joining a game (other clients can't see it, however).
    This is actually done by literally any game implementing online features. They just have varying degrees of hiding it from plain view.
  • For this message board... All forum software keeps IP addresses for multiple reasons.
    • The most obvious one is banning. When an user has shown they excel in being a nuisance, staff with banning power are able to issue an IP ban to the offending user. This is needed to make sure the offending user is unable to register with a different account and continue their shenanigans. Obviously, it's not perfect...
  • Then there's the master server.
    • The most obvious one here is to keep track of what games are available.
      It would be quite hard to identify what game belongs to what device and point SRB2 to connect to the right thing if there were no addresses, wouldn't you say?
    • There's also the server log.
      The server log keeps track of a number of games that have been previously hosted. This is imperative so that offending servers that think "yeah, dehosting should prevent a ban :)" can be swiftly dealt with.

If you plan on stop playing SRB2 due to your IP being exposed... you might want to consider stopping playing online games altogether.

Besides... photo evidence of what? Normally you offer a subject when you request proof.


Just stop use internet if you don't want people knowing your IP. Google know your IP and everything on internet outside of tor etc... use IP and may store it for log, statistical or security reason(They totally can keep IP address as long it's only for a few weeks or month).

If you talk about keeping it. Yes they are stored for ban list(as it's the only way the game have to ban someone) and it's on the server log because it save everything from the chat and console but outside of that it isn't saved. Consider that a lot of services do worse.
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Like RapidGame7 said everytime you use the internet you are already using your IPV4 even if you just google and such. So yeah every game you play online or go somewhere online you're already using your IPV4 for that.
If you're still concerned about having your approximate location known to the public as such, you can always try using a VPN.
There are a few free options available - I'd recommend ProtonVPN as they have a free plan with no data limit and access to three countries (USA, Japan, Netherlands)


ProtonVPN is free with unlimited data.
Yep worse way to protect your privacy. If it's free you're the product so if there is no reason to pay that mean that your privacy is at risk.

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