Do not ask where to find addon files (Help in topic text)

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Well, I know this thread's old... but I did find something an admin said to be true...

I would like to know where to find an old WAD, I had it before but my computer reformat and I lost all of my downloaded stuff, and yes, I have tried all the methods, I've even PMed people about it, apparently this was a pretty obscure thing...

Maybe it would be a little less rude if someone could make a topic for asking about / listing obscure WAD file downloads, the obscure ones, if they're still out there, like ones from earlier versions of SRB2, or just ones that nobody knows where to get, I got the one in question from a download in SRB2, and I've seen it on a site listing WADs I think but I can't find it now... If I do, can I post the link somewhere?
You can always ask somewhere else, you know...

The point was that I tried. :P

It doesn't matter so much that I find it, it wouldn't matter in the new SRB2 since all it was was a Tails mod that made him go faster (he was slow) turn super (I don't know if they ever gave him that in the new SRB2) and fly more seamlessly (his flight never bothered me)

I was using that as an example, there's some really difficult to find WADs that sometimes people would ask about here if everywhere else fails...

Also I think there should be a pinned thread listing WADs from older versions... Some people still use 1.094 because they can use things like WADs that were never made to work on 2.0, it might help somewhat...
1.09.4 WADs are no longer hosted on the domain. There's a batch file in the Outdated Releases section that has any WAD files that would have been in there, so I'd try looking there first.
No, 1.09 and 2.0 files are mostly incompatible with each other. Character wads are the only ones that will be half-playable; anything else probably won't even run.
I don't even see why he bumped to say that.

Besides, like Blue Warrior said, character wads are the only thing that will at least work. This means that the palette will be screwed up, and the abilities and stuff will be missing or glitched most likely. Besides, why don't you just ask someone to port it over? :P
Just like my sig says, If you want 1.0.9 Characters updated to be fully playable, ask me! I all ask in return is to be able to keep a copy of that character.
I don't get it! Why don't you make a topic were you can ask for wads. What is so hard about that!? I just want to know.
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Probably because there is such thing as a search option in this board.

Also, Google and Bing. Have you ever heard of those?
Because nobody wants their waste their time using Google for you when you could do it yourself and it would be even more efficient. You think we have this huge database of files and we find it with pure magic? All you're doing is passing off the work onto somebody else, and that's stupid. Do it yourself.
It just takes some time to search on google or bing and a thread would be so quick. But its only my opinion

Wait. That's crap. It definitely faster to type a name in Google and hit search then to write up a whole thread or post explaining what you want and submit it.

It's laziness, that's what it is. And laziness isn't cool, so cut it out.
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