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Down In It
light dasher said:
Huh, the charmy i did looks smaller then yours.
  • Huh? You're working on Prison Island?
  • And of course people love to play as the Chaotix. For one thing they're funny. In fact, if you do taunts I suggest, " Find the computer room! " Except do it in a less annoying way.


Another awesome character wad, I'm sure.

My standard list of added wads on my server grows ever so slightly longer. =D

You can't shoot me. I used =D, not D= 'doh *shot*


I wonder if any has found the *secret* on this page. You get a cookie if you do.
EDIT: Secret on the previous page, actually.


There and back again~
I use red and black schemes so no secret to me... :p Even with the blue one all it takes is ctrl-a...

Anyways, what are vector's abilities? (or do I have to leaf through several pages?)
Yes! Testing now...

EDIT: Tried Vector out, and the character actually looks quite good. I like the idea of that "wheel spin" thingy he uses for his jump and spindash and all that, makes a nice change from the usual ball jump or whatever. But, I can't resist to post this pic because, well, it explains more than OVER 9000 words...


I mean, really, what is Vector up to? XD
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