Custom Emblem not showing?


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Heya folks! I was working on a level in good ol’ Zone Builder and I wanted to add an Emblem to the level. So I put the Emblem Thing in the level and followed what the wiki said to do to customize it, but when I go to test the level, it just refuses to show up. Am I doing something wrong?


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Emblems do not spawn when the game is marked as modified.

You can either add custom gamedata to your level, use this addon or use a different object instead of the emblem for the time being.

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Ok, well since you said something about adding custom GameData to the level, I'm gonna post the SOC scripts I have from the MainCFG.

GameData = lvls.dat

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*insert level 1 scripts here*

Level 2
LevelName = Green Grove
Act = 1
Music = GFZ1
TypeOfLevel = Singleplayer
NextLevel = 3
SkyNum = 1
RecordAttack = true
LevelSelect = 2
SaveGame = true
SkyboxScale = 64
FlickyList = BlueBird

Emblem 1
Type = Global
Tag = 2
MapNum = 2
Sprite = U

I just typed in what I wanted the GameData file to be named. Also, what do you mean by the game being marked as modified? Hope this helps.
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The SOC looks right to me.

By modified, I mean:
The game has a "Is the game modified?" variable and it has three different states:
  • Not modified, the default for the vanilla game,
  • Modified, which is set when you load any mod with an important component like maps, sprites and such - this prevents saving the game, unlockables from unlocking, emblems from appearing and so on, and lastly
  • Modified but with a custom save, which is essentially "not modified" but indicating the game that this is not the vanilla game.

Loading a map mod marks the game as modified, locking everything and preventing saves. Giving the level a custom gamedata allows these things to work as they normally would.

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