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(currently: SRB2 Heroes v4) Klasky's SRB2 Stuff


Hm, didn't post anything related to my projects on the MB since a while. Time to change that.
To let you know, progress has been going slow on the projects recently, due to not really having motivation to work. But don't worry, they are not cancelled! Here's what has been done recently:
- I gave Seaside Palace a skybox, finally.

The skybox is actually GFZ's, but modified. You can also see that Horizon Effect is being used for the water. Not only that, but I've put Half Light blocks underwater, so that it looks prettier! However, the Horizon Effect in this map won't display properly in OpenGL (unless opaque water is used, but it's less prettier), but hopefully that will be fixed in a future update (like 2.2.10 or something). I have reported this on GitLab to the devs. And, you can see that I have uploaded a gif about a Heroes-like title screen in SRB2, made by ffoxD! Yes, the character artwork in the title screen WILL be replaced, and one of the members of the SRB2 Heroes dev team (BlueBlur.. yes, THAT BlueBlur) has made the Sonic artwork! However, this is now ditched and won't be seen ingame. The other artworks seen in the title screen are already sketched out, and the CSS (Character Select art) for the teams are ALSO sketched out.. except Omega. Soap allowed BlueBlur to do the linework for it. Here's how does the title screen look currently:

Now, I'll talk a bit about future plans. I have Inazuma in the dev team currently as a spriter, and he has shared ideas for the port: extended stages, which would allow for 2.2 mechanics in the stages + dividing stages in half (looking at you, Egg Fortress) and extending the splits, enemy health. more Heroes mechanics, proper formations, the Egg Hawk, all the teams having different abilities and better textures. Those will be in the port. This means that the port will take longer to be finished, but at the same time, it will be even more better than if the original goal wasn't changed! (yes, I know that I already said some of the goals in an older post.. whatever :knuxsmug:)
- For Cutedy, he's on hold, currently. I want to focus more on Heroes. However, if I finish the maps for the port, then I may work on Cutedy again. Some time ago, I redrew the standing sprite shown in the screenshot and I've made 2 more, but the third one is still unfinished. Take a look!

- Not much about the hangout maps, except I've decided that they will be in a compilation and it will be released to the MB, under the name "CutedyHangouts". That's all for today's progress report.
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(no slopes, FOF slopes are pain and I would rather go for consistency)​
yeah sure man

So, I've managed to put a FOF slope in Egg Fortress. It wasn't that hard. I (mostly) knew how to put a FOF slope in already, but I didn't set it up correctly, so I had to look at Sev's video again. And I did it! But the slope didn't go low enough. I managed to get around that problem, too. I think I solved it by raising the ceiling of the triangle-shaped control sector, and then raising the slope in the Visual Mode. I had 2 more problems:
1. I didn't raise the FOF below the slope. I did, though, but I had to change the texture of the FOF's ceiling, too. Didn't succeed at first, but I did, eventually.
2. There was a ceiling under the slope, which displayed on the flat ground at the bottom of the slope. All I had to do is changing that ceiling's texture to F_SKY1, and it was fixed!
Now, I feel like putting slopes in the maps. This means that the port WILL have slopes! Finally.


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Another SRB2 Heroes progress report! Here we go:
- ALMOST all stages are now playable from start to finish.. except Mystic Castle. I did this in a few days, because I was planning to release a beta on my birthday (November 18th). However, there still were a few stuff to do, and I ran into a node error. There were invisible walls out of nowhere! Othius fixed it for me and also converted the mod into a .pk3 and taught me about.. opening maps in Zone Builder.. from a .pk3!
- Did more FOF slopes on Egg Fortress
- Added the Sonic Heroes fade in! (credit goes to SuperPhanto for it)
- Mystic Castle is now darker! While there is a screenshot of the opening area being darker, the other areas weren't. Thanks to the Find and Replace thingy, all areas are now darker
- Fixed the red thok barriers. I don't remember if it's all of them or some of them... Whatever
- Egg Fortress' ceilings are now a bit more darker
- The map is also now somewhat split. By this, I mean that there is already a seperate map for Final Fortress, but the Egg Fleet sections are not removed yet
- I've been experimenting with colormapping Final Fortress. At the end, I've decided that it stays colormapped... now with a custom palette! Take a look:

The palette you see here is AurumPal, by AurumMighty. It looked very nice with this map and it gave out a better result, so I decided to give Final Fortress it. Credit goes to AurumMighty for the palette!
And this is all.


Globox Moment
This is really awesome! It would be cool if some of the Heroes' bosses were here but other than that, awesome job!


Hi, time to post in this thread again. This time, I have a bad new....
The SRB2 Cutedy mod is now probably cancelled. All I'm gonna say about the reason is that it's because of IRL stuff.
I also have a new related to SRB2 Heroes. I didn't work on it since a bit, but Mystic Castle can now be completed without noclip! I didn't move the player spawn from the final section yet, though. I also was trying to put FOF slopes in Sea Gate, and.. erm, it didn't go that well. But I will try again later. That's all for today's progress report.


Im glad progress has somewhat started once again
And I'm here again. Okay... well, then I'll do a bit of a progress report. Progress was indeed started again. I have been doing... smaller things recently. I was finishing the SOC (MAINCFG), tweaking lighting, removing an emblem in Sea Gate, etc. Here are a few screenshots!
Once the tweaking's done and other small stuff, then I will start to hire developers. After I post the hiring post (which after then the hiring will start), I'll continue the revamping of Sea Gate.
That's a nice logo! 👍
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Is this still being worked on? The original Sonic Heroes level pack was pretty cool, but the port sucked. This is technically a port, too, but it's also a remake, adding slopes and skyboxes to each stage, while preserving the pack in its original form. Hopefully the pack is finished soon, it looks so good to play so far!


Coding is on hiatus IIRC, and the other stuff... I just didn't feel interest in working on the project. Not a lot of stuff is left for the developer-hiring build, but I'd rather work in UDMF. Problem is, UDMF is not fully supported in the current released version of SRB2, and it will only be in the next one, 2.2.11. Though, there's a 2.2.10 UDMF build, so theoritically, I could finish the non-UDMF developer-hiring build of Heroes, and then copy Sea Gate to a seperate .WAD file, convert it to UDMF and finish it in UDB. But idk.

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