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Crispy's Models - Crispy's Models

Hello! This is my first release ever, and I'm really proud of these models!
As of now, the models included with this release are Sonic, AltSonic, and Shadow and all have Xmomentum support. Tails is currently in the works. Shadow is an md2 because I forgot to check if I could export to md3 before animating like a dumbass.

Make sure to turn off ambient lighting and set frame interpolation to sometimes for the best experience! I hope you like my models!

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what shadow mod does this use?
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hey, crisp. you should make a spoiler-thing-list and show what characters are included in the pack.


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are we allowed to re-use parts of these models for our own? it's marked reusable, sorry I just returned to the mb a few weeks ago.


if you see the mark "reusable", you can use it without even asking the author. But carefully read the description of the mod, maybe there will be some clarification (there is nothing in this case; you can use that freely).


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Hey dude, great job on these! The models are super cool and Shadow's skating animation is cool! Keep up the great work man! :wonderful:

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