CrispyModels: Mid-Poly

CrispyModels: Mid-Poly 1.2

I mean like the game sonic fighters's models


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Thats sonic battle
It took me like minutes to load my computer back up to say that i forgot and i mistook battle with fighters but i guess you're allready on it so, good for you i guess, plus you forgot a "'" in "That's" and i don't really like sonic fighters but i love it's models.
It's not that it's annoying, but it's fun.

The images (which are used to make the model change color)
The 1-Up icons are in opposite directions, which causes the in-game icon to have this error.

Regarding the model, OMG is super cool


not to sound rude, but is there ever gonna be a update to fix junio sonic's life icon?

i fixed one of the junio blends
srb2win 2023-09-17 14-36-02.png

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it looks a bit funny tho
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did junio_blend2, the head is slightly shifted but i see no issue with it


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