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Let's see about getting some good maps this time around.

Something tells me that this OLDC's gonna be WAY better than the last one.


Looking forward to everyone's submissions!

I've been thinking about entering this contest, I even finished the concept art I sketched for a CTF map I've been planning on starting on soon. We'll see I guess.

Is June over yet?


My work is never done yet
Quick question: Can we post maps in the Contest Submissions forum anytime we're ready, or is there a certain period where we do it?


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That looks nice MKP, but I would suggest maybe making it less empty looking. You got the theme, the layout is good, but it feels barren. The waterfall in the middle stands out as really plain. Might I suggest that you could have a waterfall falling down on a rock in the middle that flows off it and pools around the base of it.

Anyhow, I've started working on a race map since I've realised there isn't that many weeks till the end of June to finish my Match map. Maybe it'll be in next OLDC but I will try to get this race map finished for this contest. I'll post pictures when I'm halfway done. =D

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MKP, you love made lazy levels , eh ! (I like too, do not worry, that's why I built a race lately.)
Just do not forget that :
- Large areas cause graphic errors !
- ...Sonic must be able to complete the level. Checks that the emeralds found on the upper sectors can be taken.
EDIT : How could I forget something important : I'm in a cave, it is all FLAT ! I want a cave that looks like a real cave !
(I do not give the download link for my wonderful rock arena below.)
What I want to tell you is that you must not make all flat. A mountain is not a big cube. There are packages and packages of vertical. I made this level quickly just so you understand the trick, it's not supposed to be a work of art.

I look forward to throw a glance with Doom Builder. I wonder how it will look.

Excepted, I noticed two things : the texture of the wall beside the staircase is "compressed".
I have the impression that the beige rocks do not stick with gray/brown main rocks. This is only my impression, maybe they fit if I play in the level.

I want try your level. Day-15.
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On a side note: Internet Explorer, that cave of yours looks horrid. Everything's in one texture, so I can't see anything.

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On a side note: Internet Explorer, that cave of yours looks horrid. Everything's in one texture, so I can't see anything.
You're right, I had to use other colors to better understand my map. I know very well that it is a horrid cave ! I do not want to add water FOF or I do not know what, I just wanted to show what a cave "with bumps" can give. A more natural feel.

Here, images of how the level is now =P
Oh IE, about that:
I can not edit it because the whole level is already full :x
At the next level I try to edit it.
There is always a bit of flat surfaces, but this is anyway better. I was not thinking only of stalactites in rocks like those that you added. I thought especially in sectors that have just the role of raising or lowering the height of some rocks (floor AND ceiling)

Oh, and also, pity you did not corrected the texture next to the stairs.


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This is just a little SP level I've been working on. I'm not sure if it'll be done for this OLDC but I'm pretty sure my circuit level will be ready. Any suggestions on textures is welcome, I'm kind of iffy on the wall textures.


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I didn't see your level design until here, at least I do not think ... it looks appetizing.
If the level would have the same attention as the screens 1 and 2, it will be a good level. On the third, there is nothing right ... as if you had not continued.
....advices about textures ? Hum...for me, you can do a good level with textures you already use. You can just, on the jungle grass floor...put "square floors" with flowers, or more dark...
Oh, and I also hope that there will be 3D steps! I do not want a full 2D level.
If you want advice/ideas .... maybe you can get ideas by watching Sunshine Atoll Zone. Yes, yes ! Analyze parts of the level, look at what Fawfulfan did, look at the placement of some platforms, and you'll find a lot of ideas.
Oh, and don't forget to post it on the contest submissions, eh ! You have 7-8 days.
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