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Haven't worked on it in quite a while, but hope to have this finished by the end of this contest.






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Moss Flower Zone 1 should make it with plenty of time for polish unless something comes up. Though one section at the end of the level will require substantial soccing so may not be ready in time.

It's a marshy level that starts out underwater with generous bubbles and air pockets that give the player a lift alongside a breath of air. Later in the level, the player reaches the above ground area, which will be the central theme for the zone. Player must avoid mud but it should overall be fairly easy with a generous (and by generous, I mean obscenely generous) assortment of rings and powerups.

Badniks currently inplemented include the SeaMinus, a slower digger with a single drill instead of two arms... and the BumbleBuzz, a slow moving bug robot that hovers up and down upon seeing you.

The level will include its own music, which is currently just in midi form. Along with a few tweaked textures to fit the theme. Some screenshots:




Act 2 will feature more above-ground gimmicks focused around the vegetation, but I'll probably be saving Act 2 for its own release. I have plans for eight zones worth of levels though, what I end up doing depends entirely on how I spend my time.

Not sure if we'll be seeing any MP maps from me though. Nevertheless, it looks like the SP division will have plenty of entrants if everyone who plans to enter finishes in time... I'll probably not stand much of a chance against this competition, but hey!


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Haven't worked on it in quite a while, but hope to have this finished by the end of this contest.

Looks quite nice but don't you mean with Twilit, Twilight? Like in Desolate Twilight.

EDIT: Also, I suggest using the TVZ theme (tunes 137) for the level.
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Because I'm too busy with Forest Fortress Zone, I won't be able to enter in this month's contest.
The levels posted above look very pretty, and I hope they play as good as they look.


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I was going to enter Autumn Dawn in the last Contest, but I failed.
So, I started again with the most original theme ever. I don't think a single person has used it in the way it should. A Delta, swamp, whatever.

This mainly uses a sort of CEZ texture set. It has four quarants which i'm using, that's why some screenshots are wierd at the moment. I am currently working on finishing the Blue Base so I can rotate and put it into the Red Base area. Since I got some advice on CTF maps earlier on, I used that idea and this CTF map has symmetry on its axis. Pretty much, one side has the base and other area and then it's roated and put above. Now you know why it's in quadrants now.

Okay, screenshots. I plan to use the PAZ theme, but I have a script right now (not for the contest) that gives it a Verdant Forest theme sped up.


Area of Blue Base, there's a back entrance to get to that flag.


The side jungle area, this is planned to be lead to a small mountanous area.


The back entrance. This'll be filled with rings and weapons=. Mainly Rail Rings. This was cramped at first, but then I enlarged the map by 150%. Then I extended on that.

So uh, what do you think? I'm not sure what to do with the water. Should it hurt people?


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I have a question!

The level I am entering is part of an eventual levelpack. It currently at this point of time shares a WAD, although closer to the date it will be split off. Anyways, I have encountered a crippling HOM in my Zone 1, and I need to release it in Editing Help to fix it. (I've put textures on every part of the linedef and it still has a HOM!)

Will I be disqualified if it appears in that WAD?

Also, I renamed my zone to Arid Plains Zone (As in the African plains) and added some grass.


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I'm working on a single-player map for this contest.


The tar makes you slower, and there are parts inside of observation tunnels (like the second screenshot). There are gravity-changing pads and some big mines inside, too.

Oh yeah, and it's not done, either.
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I'm looking forward to playing this OLDC's entries. I don't think I'll get anything done for the OLDC, but you never know..


I've got an idea in mind, though I've only got 4 sectors actually down on-map. Don't count on me for this one, but there's a chance it'll make New Year's.


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I'll probably retool Red Cavern, Act 2 for this OLDC, if I finish and all (but I will have a LOT of time on my hands soonish, without internet but with computer, so I'm hopeful)

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All those maps.... they are just awsome. That means i enter to the contest. Thankfully, i made a unfinished map just for this.
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