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When the nightmare is endless!!!
CyanKnight submitted a new resource:

Community Hats! - 50+ Community made hats to go with the Cosmetics mod!

This addon Contains 50+ Hats made by some of our community members!
The File must be loaded AFTER Krabs's Cosmetics mod in order to work and contains Fixed offsets for Various characters to make sure they fit most hats as well as they possibly can. This is an Open project still so if you'd like to make a hat for this pack you can DM me on Discord at CyanKnight#4296.
There's too many hats in this pack to really name them all and I'd...

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I might as well merge it with Cosmetics along with some hats i worked on. Theres only 1 single hat i didnt like so i if you dont mind, i just take it off, really sorry :'c
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