Invalid Color name and server problems.

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Hello I'm here posting about color name problems.

Callum told me to post here if its a problem so I'm doing it now lol.

Ok so there 4 problems.

1: When i try using color names why can i only use blue green and Orange? And when i try using other color it c kick me out of the game.
But i can use all the colors in my server name.

2: when I'm using color names why it only work on the same platform i have? So I'm using windows XP and when i use color names and join someone server it be fine because they have windows xp.

But if i join a server that is using windows vista or windows 7 is C kick me every time?

now the last one.

3: why can windows Xp use color name but not windows 7?

But windows xp and windows 7 can use color server names.

Well thats all.
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