Circuit map pack (CSPHERE.wad)

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Hello, a while back I noticed all of the circuit levels were taken out of srb2, so I decided to try making some of my own.

There's only four maps Mecha Hill Zone, Crimson Construction Zone, Frozen Slush Zone, and Bizarre Barrel Zone.


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Just a couple of notes:

The big boost jump in Crimson Construction Zone is pretty hard to pull off, even when playing alone without any lag. I can see many players getting frustrated with this jump.
Most of the rings in Frozen Slush Zone are not floating. You may want to fix that.
Bizarre Barrel Zone took a little while to figure out. You might want to consider making the spin elevators stand out more, so the player understands that they have to do something there.
Generally speaking, I think it's a good practice to have some leeway on jumps and springs. Just because a red spring shoots you 1024 fracunits up doesn't mean that the platform it shoots you to should be 1024 higher. Try giving the player a little room for error. It will make those jumps and springs less frustrating to do, and overall it will just make them feel more polished.

Anyways, I don't see anything that should block this WAD from being released, so welcome to Releases!


FM Synthesized
Hosting this now. But it seems a majority of players feedback is negative.

The lack of indication of where to go or what action to perform confused a good few.

Frozen Slush seems to have a set of springs that lead to nowhere at one point, where it seems a ceiling is way too low if it was under to be spun into to get through.

Upon further view of map 4. It's a relay race back and forth. Which wasn't indicated well enough.
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Thanks for the feedback made some changes.
Updated to version 1.1:
- Made some of the jumps and springs a little more lenient.

- The big boost jump in Crimson Construction Zone was adjusted and added a lower path to make it less punishing.

- Frozen Slush Zone's rings should now float. (can't believe I missed that)

-Changed some aesthetics in Bizarre Barrel Zone, should help the spin elevators stand out and hopefully make it easier to tell that its a relay race.

There are somethings I should have mentioned before that I forgot, in Crimson Construction Zone taking the lower path of platforms near the end of the lap will cause fire to erupt from the large metal drain.The diagonal red springs that seem to lead to a dead end in Frozen Slush Zone is actually a secret shortcut that can be opened by pressing the rock switch on the lower path in the snowman room. In Bizarre Barrel Zone the spin elevators can be used as makeshift springs by spin-jumping on them.


I'm probably not one to criticize map-making, but for a racing gametype, you don't want to leave alternate pathways behind sequenced doors and hidden walls (Unless you're leaving visible Knux shortcuts).
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