Christmas Shopping!

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So heres how it went. My brother took me to the book store to buy our parents gifts. I had 10$ (Which I had to share among my parents) and my brother had 30$ (To share among 6 people. Now, don't get the image that I'm poor, I just have a little less money than the people around me. (In fact since im in USA, NY, I'm probably richer than a lot og you. But the people around me are a LOT richer than me. But I'll get to that latetr). So, we wanted to buy our parents books. The books cost 30$ each, about. So we couldn't afford books for our parents, so we decided to go to the mall.


We tried driving into the mall. By the time we made it in the parking lot, we realized it was a big mistake. Yeah, a humongous one. So, it took us about 1 and 1/2 hours to find a parking spot. Around us were snobby, rich, bichhy people who thought the world revolved around them. (What can you expect, it's New York.) So we got in. Around us we saw wealthy people, poor people, and people all alike. But what we did see in a majority were FAT SNOBBY CHILDREN. They would always whine to their parents about how badly they wanted this, how they forced and screamed at their parents to get that "Oh I want an i-pod MOMMY!"

And so I decided to ask my brother "These people are a lot richer than us, right?'"

He said "Yes, they are really snobby too."

I got a bumper sticker for my parents. That's all. A BUMPER STICKER. I feel so bad and guilty that all i got for my parents was a DAMN BUMPER STICKER. For a BUMPER THAT WAS HIT OFF IN AN ACCIDENT YEARS AGO. And we have 1 car.

I thought to myself, "Welcome to christmas in New York."

Although sometimes I doubt they're a lot richer than me, because at least I have a computer and internet and all...
All i asked for was 2 things this year, a TMNT Action figure and an e-reader pack.

And with this, I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Rant your shopping problems here!


Mystic said:
I shop online, so I don't have that issue.

Man, how old are you? Me and my bro don't have any credit cards, so we cant go shoppin online. And yeah my brother just learned how to drive last june. So he's into driving.


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At 18 years old, you can go to banks like BB&T and get Student Checking Accounts for free, and then use the ATM card they give you as a psuedo-credit card for online purchases. I also have a Paypal account to pull straight out of the checking account.

As for your shopping experience, I have only one thing to say.

Be glad you didn't do it TODAY. On Christmas Eve, shopping isn't just hell beginning, it's Satan the Devil himself walking up to you and saying hi. :twisted:
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