Character Specific Music


Cyan the Cyan Hedgehog
I'm currently working on a character that will be playable in game, however I'm not sure the current super music will fit, is there a way I can make it only used for that character?


scripting bee
Natively, there isn't.

You can make a Lua script that would intercept the instant you become super and use it to change the song being played to the song you want to play.

An example would be:
addHook("PlayerThink", function(player)
	-- If the player JUST became super:
	if player.powers[pw_super] == 1 then
		-- Change the music to lump MUSIC, and set it as looping
		-- (Only do it for the current player)
		S_ChangeMusic("MUSIC", true, player)
Replace MUSIC with the relevant music lump, of course.
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