Certain addons not having an option for download?

Yes, I am already aware of where to find the addons and that they can be privated and all that jazz, but a number of addons I've found aren't privated, but just simple dont have a download button on their page, and among that, certain other constants for addons I can't find a download for for the life of me. Is this just my computer having a stroke or are there certain restrictions in place for downloading certain addons?
I also vaguely remember coming across addons I was interested in trying out but for whatever reason the download button is just not there (though in few cases it was just the download was in the post itself and I missed it). In the case of no downloads period I am also curious what's going on.


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so uhh those addons are most of the time older than the new mb and didnt get updated after it normally the files are in attached files


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