Cave Island Zone

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Well, This is my first time posting so, here is my first level finished and updated.
-Cave Island zone
this took me around 2 weeks, if you like it i'll do a Map pack with more levels and this one. please enjoy :D.


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It was okay. There was one very notable issue, though. Cheap deaths.
The first speed booster outright dumps you off the level, instantly killing you if you don't: A) avoid it or B) have the level memorized.
That dark cave section with the ground way down had an oddly placed death pit sector if you went too far off the intended path- it was literally on the ground for seemingly no reason.
That first rope hang required far too much precision (for me), so I ended up giving up and using Tails. Even with him, I found that some high places that were easily accessible ended up being death pit sectors.
Looking past the issues, it's good for a first level; I do suggest fixing them in an update, though.
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