Can't connect to the Master Server

So, whenever I try to browse Multiplayer servers or do something in relation to the Master server, it fails to connect and when I look at the console, it says this:

Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates.

How to I fix this?


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This is on Windows, Mac, Linux? Also what is the master server address set to?


Im on macOS high sierra but when i try to connect to the master server it says this: “There was a problem connecting to the Master Server”


I found a solution, I'll be more careful since the first time I posted it I got banned for an unknown, most likely technical or anti-spam, reason. (This is not a new account, I repealed the ban, but my posts are still gone.)

Try all common solutions to the problem before doing either of these, especially the second one, as it is very tedious and you have to do it every single time.

You can open the SRB2 kart server browser (not to be confused with the SRB2 server browser) in your web browser. I am not 100% sure that this website is safe, but it is what worked for me. I won't post the link but you will find it if you search "srb2 kart master server". Then you want to look at the IP address of the server you want to connect to and then enter it in SRB2 kart where it says specify IPV4 address.

I also found the solution to another, possibly related issue:
When you try to connect to a modded server it goes through the process of downloading the mods in the menu, but it doesn't actually download them and the download progress bars are empty. In the logs it will say that some files are larger than the server is willing to send. You will again open the server browser in your web browser (refer to the bold text above), but this time you will download all the server's mods from there and set them up.
This may be a one time error, having to do with the host messing up, but it may prove useful as a work-around for any server-mod related issues.


I do. I accidentally changed the name to connect to the master server, and when i changed it back., it keeps saying
"curl_easy_perform: timeout was reached." in the console. anytips?

I tried redownloading srb2 2.2.10

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