Fixed Cannot connect to server on same computer with localhost

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Normally, one would be able to host a dedicated server, for example, and connect to it directly by changing the local port of the client (with -clientport or whatever else works). However, connecting with localhost or doesn't appear to work. Using my local network address on the other hand, does.
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As was said on the #srb2fun IRC channel:

<Shardvex> I can't seem to join my dedicated server with
<Shardvex> "-clientport 5030 -connect"
<furyhunter> that's never worked shardvex
<furyhunter> lol
<furyhunter> it didn't work when I was initially trying to fix the netcode
<furyhunter> no idea why it doesn't
<Shardvex> ...So how do I join my dedicated server?
<Inuyasha> use your LAN IP
<Inuyasha> 192.168.whatever.whatever

For noobs, to get your LAN IP (Local IP):

1. Go to the start menu, search for "Run"
2. Type CMD
3. Press enter
4. Type ipconfig (in the new black dos box)
5. Press enter
6. Its the line that says IP address after you have pressed enter in the black box.

So the new command would be something like: "-clientport 5030 -connect [your LAN IP here]"
EDIT: I tested this, and it works.

SF94, I happen to know that you are working on your launcher. :) I found a way to get the LAN IP in C#, so that my launcher can join dedicated servers. You can probably figure this out yourself, but if you need help just ask.

And a note to the SRB2 developers:
Are you planning to fix this?
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The above MR has been accepted, which means localhost and should work in future patches or releases of SRB2.
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