can you still hoast and join a server in outdated versions of srb2?


you best believe boi!
like if you were to open the server list of 2.1 can you still join those server and will the game crash?
well thats all boys but wait chucless troll face join a server in final demo 1.09.4 sooo does that mean you can still
join servers in outdated version of srb2!?!?!


The Dragon sin of SWAWS
Just host your game as usual but choose unlisted for the room, then people can connect via the ip connect option on the menu. They need to have the IP though.
And where do I found the IP to do this? Cause me and a friend of mine want to play togheter but without anybody entering the server


Master server allow you to host on the 2.0.7, 2.1.25 and 2.2.9 versions of the game.
Well perhaps old version support was dropped when master server switched to HTTP.

To host you already need to port forward or it will be LAN only.

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