Can We Revive SRB2 Riders?

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MOD EDIT: A revival project is underway, see its topic in modding, and discuss it over there -

As a fan of the Riders games, I looked forward to trying out SRB2 Riders back in the day. Since it was a different port, though, and my knowledge at the time was pretty lackluster, I never got to try it. However, with the rising popularity of SRB2Kart, I can't help but wonder why Riders hasn't been given as much love.

Of course, while porting the maps from it to Kart could work (maybe even normal SRB2 as race maps), I still believe that a proper revival of SRB2Riders would be much appreciated, whether by the original creator, a fan, or maybe even the Kart developers.

Sonic Riders is probably my second favorite Sonic game next to Heroes, and I hope this thread can help raise awareness for the SRB2 Edition.
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srb2 riders was the fuckin shit and sonic riders was a fantastic game

it'd probably be more than doable today—esp. with what i've seen from lua modding—but i'd imagine it's quite a bit of work to remake a system like that from the ground up. still, with the inclusion of good slope support, now would be the best time to approach the project again
SRB2 Riders was the best experience of all my life. I can't wait for it to be brought back, just the thought of it is making my drill flow go overdrive.
SRB2 Kart originated as an extension of SRB2 Riders' "Mario Kart Mode". Maybe all these years later the reverse can happen—SRB2 Kart could gain a "Riders Mode".
I suppose SRB2 Kart has taken the place of the SRB2 racing mod at this point. Has anyone made the SRB2 Riders characters for SRB2 Kart at this point? May as well get them riding around on there extreme gear in that game instead, if somebody has made SRB2 Sonic in Kart with a unique playstyle, would it be possible to get the Riders characters done with their own playstyle too?
Funny you should mention this...

Indeed. We still are working on gameplay elements, but we should have a basic course soon
It's far from a full Riders mod, but my Jet the Hawk character mod was created in part to see what kind of Riders gameplay could be made in 2.2 with slopes and lua. He's actually pretty fun in circuit- though maps would need to be designed with his air economy in mind.
This may be too early to ask, but can I get a template for Riders characters so that I can make SRBii for Riders?
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