Bringing back 1.09.4 Wads.

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SRB2 is about to be dead.
On my opinion I really think that we should bring back 1.09.4 Wads. 1.09.4 was my favorite srb2 version the wads there were also good. For example Eggmanway5 pretty good wad that I think should come back. But tell me do you think its a good idea to bring back old wads from 1.09.4?
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Yes, Eggmanway5 levels, SonicCorp (The Building) and The Mansion should be brought back to 2.1 including the chars... Although... Eggmanway5's Sonic is hideous!


You are free to ask the authors of your favorite wads if you can port them forward.

Until then, this topic is going to go nowhere fast.
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