Best and Worst SRB2 character? (Not including mods.)


Who is the best and worst SRB2 character(in your opinion)?
best: sonic.
worst: fang

modded chars
best: SMS.
worst: Cheeseboi The Badly Drawn Circle (Cheeseboi V1)
i mean, just look at him.
best: tails
Despite how easy it is to use, is actually the best in speedrunning imo

worst: fang
as much as i love using him and his pogo, his stop 'n' aim playstyle rly kills the pace of the game
I like all of the characters except fang, the fact his spin ability can only be used when standing still is stupid, you can argue that the spindash is the same, but at least you can Roll with the other characters if you press spin while moving (except amy, but she can hammer swing while moving), the only thing i really like about fang is his midair jump ability
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oh my god..... Fang really needs a upgrade, eh?
yeah definitely, honestly if his gun could be used while moving he would be a lot better (though he'd probably need to have some stuff with how it works adjusted)
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Honestly my biggest problem with fang is how his moveset doesn't feel like it was made for a sonic game, while the pogo bounce could be useful regardless of game style, the way his gun works makes it feel like they made it work for a much slower game, even amy, who lacks the spindash, at least has a playstyle that still works with sonic gameplay

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