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Bandana Dee

Drill the Golem

Nobody important
Since Kirby and Meta Knight are already on SRB2, I decided to start making Bandana Dee



SPIN: Bandanna Dee will attack with its spear, if you press spin more than once in a row, it will keep attacking. the fourth time, it will release a short-range beam.

SPIN WHEN RUNNING: it will launch forward spinning with its spear, if you hold spin it will bounce on the ground, only stopping when you release spin or hit a wall. (he also bounces in the water when he does this)

CUSTON 2: It will flat himself. you can attack when it's flat
  • He can jump in the air four times​
  • Holding spin, he throws a spear at the nearest enemy​

Subject to change

If you have any tips or ideas, please comment

For now that's it, thank you for reading!
I mean this can be seen as modern B.Dee while the one in the trailer reminds me of the classic B.Dee from Super Star Ultra
Hey, I have an idea that might work! If you hold down custom one for maybe 2 seconds, Bandana Dee will spin his spear above him, slowly lifting him up in the air. It'll practically be Tails' flight with a bigger damage-dealing hitbox and will probably go slightly faster. However, if you do this, you can't jump after. Just thought it would be neat tbh lol
I do hope you get to finish this! Though it does seem you're inactive. But still goodluck and happy modding!

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