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While not as visually stunning, this hub is much easier to navigate than the Summer OLDC Hub, and I really appreciate that. Too often would I get disoriented in the absolute symmetry the Summer hub had, so being able to know where I am and know where specific stages are is super relieving.
Foliage Furnace was definitely Kanna and I's "Learning from Metallic Madness" stage, where we took the critique from last contest and funneled it straight into our stage here, making an overall better experience.

God, it's hard to even play our old level now. I plan on remastering it at some point (Kanna's actually already got Metallic Madness revamp started and it's looking really good :>).

We also plan on polishing up and releasing Foliage Furnace as an MB release sometime in the near future. There were quite a few things that had to be cut for deadline, ('deadline' actually being a week prior because I got myself grounded xddd) like the intended ending, that would set the stage for an act 2. There is a lot missing from this map that was intended to go in. I hade knocked out the polyobject areas at the end in just two days. There were also whole paths that were scrapped that we intend to bring back for the future mb release.

I added a copious amount of polyobjects at the end. It feels kinda out of place but it won't when the intended ending is there I swear (it'll have more movement than just circles)! I had a lot of fun making them, and I hope you have fun riding on them as well, they really help the stage look more lively in my opinion.

Anywho I know there are a lot of issues with the stage in it's current form, as I wrote in the note at the beginning, please give me a review! I want to get as much useful feedback from my stage as possible, it'll help me make better stages in the future.
What drugs were you on when making this? I want some.

This is my personal favorite stage in the pack. I love how this all ties together. The nature is pretty, the theme is well developed. It was fun to explore the small little town, realize where you actually were. Get a sense for the surroundings. This level also strikes the perfect balance of 'weird enough to be intruiging', but not so weird that it's confusing.

This stage, upon repeat playthroughs, went from 'depressingly unpolished' to 'the most massive and path-rich stage in the pack'. While a lot of stages that wow you on a first run like Emerald Aether end up losing their replayability when you realize that's it, this stage was the opposite. I was confused and concerned at first, and then amazed. You surpassed Seraphic Skylands in sector count.

There is so much to this stage! It really is fascinating to me. How long was this in development? I know your last map was Mechanical Garden for Kimokawaiii, you had also submitted an earlier version of this to Summer OLDC that you later pulled, and it's similar enough that I am lead to believe you got burnt out and lost motivation to fully polish the stage. That happens when you work on only one stage for over a year :p. You should try working on multiple projects at once to break up the monotony.

This would be a clear winner, but it's brought down by a lot of polish issues. A lot of rooms look undeveloped and boxy, most of your waterfalls don't move. A lot of your vertex slopes are misaligned. Nodebuilder errors up the wahoo. There's so much here that ruins a first impression. What this stage excels in is the gameplay aspect. You really did a good job as successfully catapulting the player across areas, abusing obscure game mechanics, like water hopping. This stage is really fun! And it's massive to boot. I believe if you broke up the monotony of the visuals a bit, and mess with some node things so that the stage doesn't break in the beginning, you have a groundbreaking stage here.

This level scared me when I saw it was in the Autumn OLDC lineup. I played a beta version of it more than a few months ago, and it was really good! I felt sure I was gonna lose the OLDC to this one.

This stage reminded me a lot of a Mario Maker stage I made a few years ago. Unsure if it's still uploaded- but there were a lot of intentional but weird design decisions I had made in it that I also see here. It is definitely a slower paced stage. And that'd be great if it wasn't for the default player speed. I wasn't able to really enjoy this stage for what it is until Fluffy Tails released (btw if you haven't played this stage as Fluffy yet, please do so, it's a treat.)

I like how you have little challenge areas off to the side that lead to powerups. The way you layed out cave entrances with little boulders on top was super unique and interesting. These are things that were in that Mario Maker map I was referring to, and things I find really cool. Taking this stage at a slower pace, spending time getting powerups and collectables, this feels like an entirely different game. I really enjoy the vibe you're going for. Hell, when you get into that slower paced mindset I'm able to enjoy the maze. That's a feat in and of itself.

By the way, what are the purple crystal collectables supposed to do?

This stage feels like Woody Torture Zone if it took play in an ExtremeAir.
Jokes aside this really is just... Woody Torture but purple and green. The sense of scale is identical. The textures look similar. The location looks... the same.

But the stage is still fun. Your low gravity sections were super tense, you did a good job at directing the player. This stage makes the least offensive design decisions in the entire pack. It's extremely solid. Your music choice is also great. What is it? I love it.

Sometimes the scale feels a bit... too large. I'm spending too much time running on massive, flat ground. The lack of an intangible translucent FOF to mark off space and indoors sections feels really weird too.

You also make a good use of slopes. It is an exhilarating stage to play. Also a stage that's long and doesn't overstay it's welcome. Thank god. I hate when stages end quickly. This is a good, beefy stage. I'm interested in seeing more from you. You should vary up the textures you use more, lest your next stage becomes Woody Torture 3

This stage is a marvel to look at in-game, but also on the grid in zone builder. This kind of geometry is impressive as hell. This level truly is a technical feat. Unfortunately it loses it's luster quite quickly.

I want more! This stage ends in 50 seconds or so consistently. Not only that, but I want more to do in the gameplay time I have. All I'm doing is running. This runs into the same issue that my Metallic Madness did, in that when your stage only consists of running, it becomes boring to play.

This stage has some really beautiful and interesting sections. But there's so little to it that I can't help but want more.

You're really getting good at well made, concise geometry. While this level is simple, and too short for its own good. The parts you made are extremely well put together. I really like how smooth your slopes are. This stage has a lot of potential, but there's so little content there isn't much to talk about.

Also despite the drama surrounding it the secret is cute as fuck.

I hope to see longer levels from you in the future.

Wow! What an improvement from Act 1. You took a lot of the criticism and used it to excel here. Unfortunately the stage still feels really sloppy. Here's a bit of a tip for natural sections, despite being naturally made, for 3D platforming to be fun and solid, it's better to make it geometrical in disguise. Using perfect shapes and such. The texturing will bring it to life anyways. This stages biggest issue is visibility. Gigantic plants block the view. Leaf midtextures block the view. Haphazardly drawn platforms are cramped and uncomfortable to platform on. This stage looks beautiful, but it's a chore to traverse.

I'm convinced you made this stage back in 2.0 for a contest that never happened. This stage is extremely fun to play and well made, but it gave me flashbacks to when ERZ2 clones were the standard.

I really like how interconnected everything is. It was really cool to see the stage loop around itself, up around and over. Also Adventure 2 music is pog.

It's really cool to see oldbie members coming back to make new maps. You should play with slopes and non-90 degree angles in any future stage you try to make.

Normally I can tell a mappers style by playing two of their maps. Distinct setpieces that are unique to them. I would never have believed this stage was made by the same person who did Cluttered Caverns. This stage is such an immense improvement over that stage, however. I believe you've found a style that works. The gameplay here is exhilarating, as is the music. The joke in the subtitle got a genuine laugh out of me. The stage ends fairly quickly. I especially love your approach to top paths. It keeps with the flow of the stage. The bustable tables and chairs were really charming.

But this stage also feels quite mundane. The theme is quite basic, as is the decoration. It feels extremely autopilot. I love the energy you have going on here, but I want something more... interesting. I can't wait to see your future stages.

Is this your first stage? It's quite solid. You really got a nice texturing style going here, and the Rush Adventure music is also good.

This stage, like Gate Garden, appears to be designed around a slower player. I have so little breathing room! You should make your sense of scale larger. You have good setpieces in this stage too. I like the theme in general. I was able to get used to the marsh water being instakill, but it was really jarring at first and I had to die to it to know that it was instakill.

You're relying on enemy spam too much as a challenge. It's kinda annoying. I'm really looking forward to what you make in the future, but make it wider and town down on the enemies please :v

What an improvement from all of your previous stages! I really love the theme you got going on with the textures here. A really ambitious stage too. I can tell that you're starting to use more geometrical shapes and using Zone Builder's tools more, instead of freeforming it. This level has far better architecture than your previous stages because of that alone, and it shows.

I particularly really liked the fire area. It has the most interactive gameplay in the whole stage. The enemy gauntlet at the end, while I think the concept is cool, was executed in a way that's just sorta boring.

The boss looks really cool. Wow, did you sprite this? It's attacks are kinda boring, you should code it to be more interesting. I like thematic bosses.
Also points for the custom music.

People beat you down with Hypertower, but you just got back up and said 'fuck it, I'm gonna make polyobjects'. I'm very impressed by you. This stage has a lot of linedef executor fuckery that I wouldn't even bother to do. That shit's tedious. While the texture's you are using are very abstract and weird, I really appreciate that you keep consistent with them. It's something that I can vibe with.

Your stages are too cramped though! I think you struck a really nice balance with your Greenflower act 7 from your GFZ Expansion pack. You should try to make your levels at that scale more. It'll be something that gives me breathing room to traverse, while still making me feel like I went on an interesting adventure, with all of the moving parts. I think you're on route to becoming a great mapper.

Roger, your texturing style is cool and all, but you really need to work on making your level design better. I've played enough of your stages to know that, despite the amount of charm and adventure in them, they all are consistently sloppy in appearance, and cramped in gameplay.

You should play with Zone Builder's geometrical tools more. Make something that is neat and tidy. You have good themes and ideas going on! I don't think I've played a stage from you that was boring or uninteresting, but I also haven't played a stage from you that is enjoyable to traverse. I want to see your stages succeed, because there's so much potential in every single one!

The fact that I had to put this stage in last is really a testament for how high quality this OLDC was as a whole. This stage is full of really good ideas, and a lot of them are executed really well too. There are just too many pacing issues currently for me to enjoy it fully. Also stop using camera scanners! They're going to be deprecated.

The first underwater part of the stage is actually really nicely designed. You had good ideas there. It really fits with the music. I hate that you can skip it by just rolling down the beginning slope into an absolutely useless and mundane top path. You playing with slopes during the outdoor half of the stage is really cool. It feels cobbled together though. Too large for its own good, but it's exhilarating. The dolphin dive part feels extremely weird to me. And then I get random teleported to a door that goes into a... Metal Sonic boss fight. I don't like how you went about the boss here, as I've already fought Metal Sonic a thousand times before. It adds nothing to the level but useless filler. I've only completed the stage once, because I always just leave the game at this part.

This level has a lot of potential, if you ever want to go back to an MB release I think it could become a very high quality stage.

...Your level sets my default camera speed to 0.5 and that is a sin. Fuck you.
(I'm being playful about that one don't infract me!)
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