Autumn OLDC Circuit Map Votes

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Hello there! I am back once more to vote on the OLDC, and like last time, I'm doing the Circuit maps!

Let's be real here. I love Race because it's my most favorite SRB2 gametype next to Co-op.

Anyway, on to the votes!


Most favorite: Electric Avenue Zone by Joe Mewstard

I almost read the name as "Electron Avenue", which was the name of the second longest track in the console version of Crash Nitro Kart.

That aside, what we have here is a neat little track that consists of vibrant textures and 90-degree turns. There are electrical hazards on the track, but they are hard to see, especially since the floor itself doesn't have a transparent texture that makes the floor flicker as shown in Techno Hill Zone Act 2.

For the visuals, it gives off an impressive feel of being in a city, but given how bright some parts of the textures are, it may hurt a player's eyes if they aren't sensitive to bright objects. This is especially notable in the second part of the track where players jump across orange bricks protruding out of a bottomless pit. The wall texture looks like an optical illusion as you move.

While the map plays very well, one feature I found broken is the shortcut near the Finish Line. There is a row of Yellow Springs leading up to a high rise building that you can only access with the use of a Whirlwind Shield. Once you get up there, you can pretty much move around the track and finish the race that way.


Least favorite: Caldron Cavern Zone by JABSphere94

I didn't enjoy this level, but I can tell that a lot of honest effort went into making this level as decent as possible. For starters you're greeted with some platforming where if you mess up, you'll lose time and have to ride one of the platforms back to the top. Along the way, you'll run into the part where you go down a rocky slide (which can be cut off by pressing a button in front of the door, blocking the path for the rest of the race).

On that note, Tails and Knuckles players will have a slight advantage here, since they can use the Spindash Flight and Glide respectively, speeding up the process, except that Knuckles doesn't swim very far in the water.

Should the mentioned behavior in the parenthesis occur, you go into the green water below, where the race comes to a crawl. It is slower, but you can progress in the race by finding small levees in the water that get you back on course, depending on the direction you're going.

The level uses scenery objects from one of the Bonus Levels. Although the level name suggests that this takes place in a cavern, it takes place in a mountainous region. All in all, while the level did have some honest effort put into it, the execution behind the gameplay marred what would've been a decent course.


These are my votes.

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