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That is pretty cool. I can see users even making custom soundfonts for SRB2 with this feature. I love that you can make piano-only setups, haha.

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I'm the most ecstatic. You made my hobby of fiddling around in FL Studio and putting random game soundfonts on MIDIs into a feature. I can't believe it.

anyone can just replicate this in-game now and that's scary
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Other than perhaps making it easier for people to add desktop/start menu shortcuts and install the game in general, is there any particular reason that (the "non-patch" package of) Sonic Robo Blast 2 (only) comes in an installer, and not a Zip/et cetera archive?
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I got banned from the Kart Krew Discord just because I indirectly asked to. How do I get unbanned?

Edit: Turns out no amount of therapy I consume will change the admins' minds.
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You have to go to the Submissions forum. There, you add a new thread explaining in detail your addon.
Later, a Judge will judge it by testing it. He/She might tell you what you need to change. After all is ready, they will move the Submission to Releases.
In case it doesn't have the requirements, it will be moved to the Rejected Submissions Sub-forum (idk about forums and sub-forums)
But anyway, just go to Submissions and start a new thread

Hope this helps you


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The answer is "Imagination"

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Btw how do you make quotes that have a link to the original post? Like, the posts that have this quotes:
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I am attempting to finesse the system. Windows 10 is a little out of my budget, and I have pretty much everything else set down pat. Customization is limited, and I know that Wallpaper Engine somewhat alleviates that, but is there perhaps a method through which I could change the color of the taskbar, even if Windows is sayin' no?


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My guess is as good as yours, Mecha. I would suppose that Green Hill is the first zone officially ever made, who served to open the curtains and promote the birth of the franchise to the public.

In lesser words, it's older than Emerald Hill, thus leaning better for nostalgia.


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Can someone point out some good 3D Sonic fangames to play, other than SRB2? I've been asking myself this question for over 2 days now.

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Is there a way to delete your posts on this message board?

First click the edit icon under your post, click "Delete" at the bottom which will drop down "Deletion Options", then click the Delete Message bubble and then the "Delete this Message" button at the very bottom. Typing a response for the "Reason for Deletion" text box is optional

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