Any SRB2 Tech you can explain/give?


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Depsite me playing for over year and a half now, it seems like there's a lot of tech in this game I haven't discovered. I do know constantly jumping maintains higher speeds.


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Depsite me playing for over year and a half now, it seems like there's a lot of tech in this game I haven't discovered. I do know constantly jumping maintains higher speeds.
  • Spin-Jump: As a spin-dashing character, charge up a spin-dash, and jump as soon as you release the dash. Works even better with Classic Momentum, since you can charge a Spin-Dash up way faster.
  • Spin-Flight: As Tails, perform a Spin-Jump and initiate a flight mid-air.
  • Spin-Glide: As Knux, perform a Spin-Jump and initiate a glide mid-air. Only works in 2.2 because of its glide changes.
  • Spin-Float: As Metal, perform a Spin-Jump and initiate a float mid-air. Useful for relatively straight paths.
  • Spring Bounce: As Fang, initiate a bounce right as you hit a horizontal spring. Works best with red springs.
  • Thok Surf: Whenever you need to thok underwater as Sonic, jump out of it before thokking, if possible.
I don't really know if I can give any tech for Amy exclusively...
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Also there is Slope-jump : Precise jump on some slope to get crazy height(pretty hard to master but powerful)


I'm not sure if this works the same in 2.2, but generally springing in/out of waterfalls to get more height.

I remember in old Deep Sea Zone there was this room with this large gap and wooden platforms being carried by a waterfall that you had to jump through to make it to the other side. Regular spin-jumping as Sonic just didn't quite consistently make it but if you went behind the waterfall and spin-jumped into it, the physics of the waterfall made you go higher and make your jump last longer with the same speed, and so you could cross the large gap in one swoop.

For 2.2, the only place I remember and tried that right now is Neo Aerial Garden. In the room with the 4 waterfalls in the middle of what used to be AGZ2, if you take the underwater spring you can't reach the section at the ceiling because it's just too high. However if you take the spring towards one of the waterfalls on the side, just briefly entering it boosts your height and easily allows you to reach the top section.


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A Sonic-specific tech, if you thok against a slope (so that the slope is facing you) and jump the moment you hit the slope, your horizontal momentum gets converted to vertical momentum and you get some mad air. A good place to practice this is GFZ1, as the slope after the bridge can be used to jump over the waterfall.

Master this, and it'll change the way you look at slopes in any level. How well can you use that slope to gain some mad air?


There's a ton of tech actually, just depends the character you're looking for.

Amy has hammer cancel, where you press Spin+Jump at the same time to allow her to get a slight speed boost. It starts the animation for the hammer but transitions it into a jump, so it's faster than just running.

Fang has something similar called Pop-Shot. Pressing Spin+Jump lets you fire a shot while maintaining some momentum. Your shot will come out, but Fang will instantly jump, allowing you to move. You cannot fire when you otherwise couldn't though.

If you already have some height and want to gain a lot more, Tails and Knuckles can perform up-fly and up-glide respectively, by bouncing on an enemy without jumping their maximum jump height and then right after popping the enemy, you'll ascend rather rapidly, depending on how high you started from.

Speaking on the last one, if you jump your maximum jump height, and then bounce off an enemy, you can control how high you bounce by holding jump until you reach the desired height, then let go. This works for everyone except Fang since he doesn't exactly bounce off enemies like everyone else.

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