AlternativeDeath v1.0.4

@User.Mpgx can you make it so the body stays there in multiplayer until you respawn?
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it dissapears after a few seconds


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oh or just stay there forever! so in battlemod the place turns into a pile of bodys lol
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This mod appears to be creating more repeated freeslots than it should be, along with more lua files than needed which creates more clutter than how much is needed. You can easily condense everything by using a ( == "name") check as an if statement. Considering this is applying to several characters, you can format another and statement by using and (( == "sonic") or ( == "tails") or ( == "knuckles")) and so on.

That aside, I HEAVILY would not recommend changing a character's continue sprite for this. Instead, either make your own custom SPR2 or state to use, or try to refer to using XMom's faceplant state.
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thats extremely rude
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if you would like support for a mod then ask dont be all like "im waiting" its rude and makes you look liek a pompous entitled bumhole

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