Adventure Sonic (v1.5)

Adventure Sonic (v1.5) v1.5


I wonder if we'll be able to change inputs, the place I mapped C3 is not the best place to use the Momentum stop thing xd
btw the Menu Options are not saving for some reason
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how do I super share?
Just go next to a player while super and they will automatically get the Super Shield


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Its private

Can I have a link to the level named "It's Private" :knuxsmug:

Jokes aside man it's so fun using Super Sonic to basically say "Nah I don't wanna deal with this gravity crap flying riggghtt over all that

(Funny how 3 of the maps in the new OLDC involve flipping gravity)


Lemme know if you can recreate it now.
Yep can't do it anymore cos of character switching taking you out of the emote's state now.
I also found some other minor things too:

Dying in waterfalls defies physics:

Dying while moving away or looking away and jumping from a waterfall snaps the death sprite to the top instead of where Sonic actually is at

Using respawn invincibility frames at the 1st right checkpoint in ERZ1 lets you grab the out of bounds floors on the other side in the pit by holding jump under the lasers

You can skip Metal's race in multiplayer by dying near the start

3 sprite death flickers

Update: Found another after death physics oddity where dying away from the edge of an upward slope will make you launch forward at light speed if you fall off after landing on the tip of it
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Adventure Sonic can barely move after spin launching off a halfpipe. It's not terribly annoying since you can uncurl out of it, but still awkward. This is because the PF_THOKKED flag can be set while spinning to allow for full air control, and vanilla adds this as a silly hack when launching off a halfpipe (pw_justlaunched equal to 2). However, it seems that Adventure Sonic forcibly removes the PF_THOKKED flag while spinning in the air, which causes this behavior of half pipes to no longer work correctly.
Considering how you can change the pose of your taunt by holding jump, spin, or both, I'm somewhat surprised you can't do the same with the "Level Clear" pose.
I love how the only shield you can detonate that you normally wouldn't be able to is the wind shield. It's the closest thing to a useful effect with it's double jump, with the other shield actions being either redundant (bounce, homing, even momentum-canceling from force shield) or just kinda lame compared to the passive effects (elemental's drop) so of course it gets special treatment! ...Aside from the lightning shield. Which, to be fair, who would detonate that one?


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i'm once again here for asking someting real quick.
WIll you add an option for disabling spintrails and these light dash particles (ignore the red please) for everyone in a server?


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This is so good (gif)

Also bug report, when foxy boy hangs onto super, his tails are wacky, when he's facing us, his tails act as if he wasn't.


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