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Adventure Sonic (SA-Sonic) Progress

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A SM64 Machinimist who loves SRB2 a lot, really.
I apologize if I'm stepping out of line, but I want to leave a comment about what's going on.
I'm hype for SA-Sonic as well, but I'm not sure why there's so many people here treating the WIP page like a Discord server.
The mod won't even be released here-- at most we'll get a post linking to the actual mod page once it's released... If they can even get the post to come through anyway.
I feel that starting yesterday (if not a little before that), some folk here came here to be hype, but have not practiced patience and have just began to clutter the page with whatever they feel like, with artificial and forced goals like "Let's get this to page a hundred and something!". At this point, that kind of goal feels so empty solely because so many people are posting empty comments, with some of them being borderline spam if not actual spam.

I wanted to post this comment because I hope others will read this, and I ask you:
Please be mindful of how you're treating this page! Once again, I know you all must be really excited, but the mod's not going anywhere and neither is the world. Surely there's other things you all can do to pass the time? I know I've been doing plenty of things while I wait.
Once again, I apologize if I'm stepping out of line, but I want to give my thoughts about what's happening.
I'll be waiting for the mod doing my own thing. I hope Golden Shine and MetalWario64 are doing well!
Literally said what I was gonna say. If it's gonna be released anywhere, it's DEFINITELY not here, but possibly in the Characters section of SRB2. It cannot be released here in W.I.P.
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