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fyridev “the coder”
Fyrid19 submitted a new resource:

Advance 3 Character Select - Choose your team!

Now just like advance 3 (kinda), you can select your own team.
All the base characters (for now) will give you certain abilities depending on who you choose
(gifs are being weird for me so i have to use imgur)

Sonic - Boosts your normal speed
Tails - Jump factor is increased slightly
Knuckles - Can bust through normally unbustable walls
Amy - Lets you reuse your double jump ability
Fang - If your ability is the thok...​

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Imma abuse metal sonic's dash mode with shadow, also, could you add a chaos spear hability if u pair up with shadow?
im currently working on a 2.2 cream mod for srb2 so this would actually go great with it!

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