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Here's something I've been wanting to bring to the forums for a while now (ever since the move to Xenforo, actually). Seriously, look at the timestamp! Even if it took a little longer to get to than I hoped at the time, there's no time like the present for an upgrade to how we handle things.


Previously, people uploading submissions were greeted with a very binary option. Reusable meant that others had access to tweak, modify, port, maintain, or salvage any part of the addon they wished to do so to. Non-reusable meant that no one could touch it, period.

The problem? It's too reductive to lump "modifications of an addon" and "maintenance of an addon" into one "yes" or "no" question. As would be expected, people often asked -- especially in regards to someone MIA from the community -- "I know they didn't want anyone to modify it, but did they really not want anyone to port it to new versions after they put so much work into it?"

And that's a valid question to ask. But in pursuit of the safest potential outcome for the submitter, since the question before was too ambiguous, we've always held that if something was marked as non-reusable, that meant both modification and maintenance were off the table.

For all new addons from now and into the future, this should no longer be a problem! Check out the new questions we're asking people when they create submissions:


Now, instead of simply being asked about reusability, you will be asked to choose whether you allow people to be able to modify your work, and whether you allow people to maintain your work, and when.

Modification generally means things like "I made a change to your character that changes the way it looks or plays" or "I added a new section to your level."

Maintenance generally means things like "I ported your character so that it works in v2.3" or "I fixed a bug that was causing SIGSEGVs occasionally."

"Where is the Yes Modification, No Maintenance option?" you ask? That's paradoxical, because maintenance is just a more limited form of modification. If you've said yes to modification, you've said yes to maintenance.

Anyhow, I'm pretty sure this is a change a lot of people here can appreciate; myself I think it was long overdue. For all new submissions from here on out, there will never be ambiguity over whether an author was actually okay or not okay with their work being maintained to work with other releases.

If you already have work released in Addons & More, and it is currently non-reusable, and you'd like to mark it as something other than No Modification/No Maintenance, you can head onto its Overview tab and update your resource to reflect that.


Oh also, the [Reusability] prefix has been renamed to the [Open Assets] prefix. It functionally means the same thing. Anything previously marked as Reusable is now Open Assets, and it (same as before) means that your addon is open for modification and maintenance by others.

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