Acid Missile Level Pack - Now updated for v2.1! (scr_acidmissile.wad)

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(I really need to come up with a better name for this level pack...)

So, yeah, the level pack I originally made 10 years ago is back again for v2.1. Most of the levels are the same, with a few having some minor changes. Slime Silo Zone (the final boss) received most of the updates, primarily because it required the most work in order to get working again.

The three special stages I had in the previous version were removed for now, since the game doesn't play nice with having old-style special stages combined with the new NiGHTS-style special stages. I might bring them back if I ever finish making a full set.


The pack contains 3 full zones and a single-act final boss zone. Each non-boss act has 5 emblems that can be earned: 1 emblem for each of the main characters, 1 emblem for a basic time attack goal, and 1 emblem for beating my best time for the level. There are 30 emblems in total.

After collecting 20 emblems, you will unlock Neo Waterfall Valley Zone, an in-progress update of Waterfall Valley Zone that combines both acts and adds new paths to explore.

Waterfall Valley Zone
MAPK0P.png MAPK1P.png MAPK2P.png

Storm Ruins Zone
MAPK3P.png MAPK4P.png MAPK5P.png

Gloom Metropolis Zone
MAPK6P.png MAPK7P.png MAPK8P.png

Slime Silo Zone

Unlockable: Neo Waterfall Valley Zone


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I have a lot of nostalgia for this level pack, so it's nice to play through it again! I'm surprised at how well I remember most of the levels really.

Everything seems to work fine, even the increased production values for the final boss, so welcome to releases!

Slime Silo still destroys me


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Oh yes this map pack. I do remember it but i didnt finish it, i should this time


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This is a really great level pack! I really enjoyed Storm Ruins and Gloom Metropolis, especially Gloom Metropolis' boss fight.

Slime Silo tho


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A few bugs I found:
  • Neo Waterfall Valley Zone is available in Record Attack even before it's unlocked.
  • The unlockable warp to Neo Waterfall Valley Zone leads to MAPFB instead of MAPKD, crashing the game.
  • The save-slot-turned-level-select lists SRB2's default levels instead of your custom ones, plus Emerald Practice.
  • Emerald Practice (which I'm not sure you even want to be accessible anymore) leads into MAPFA instead of (presumably) MAPKA.
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Okay, just uploaded an update that fixes the problems MascaraSnake reported. Also, Record Attack is available for boss levels as well now, though there are still no emblems for it.
While trying to get the Sonic Emblem, I rolled to try and find a spring... and this happened.


Glad I have a flash drive it goes great with uploading stuff while I do work oh yeah
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Yeah, that's been there for a while. I think it's because the bustable block is right on top of the token. It's a little visual quirk, but functionally it should still work just fine.


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Since people in #srb2fun have been asking me, here are the time attack requirements for the gold emblems:

Waterfall Valley 1: 0:28.08 or 983 tics
Waterfall Valley 2: 0:20.97 or 734 tics
Storm Ruins 1: 0:55.46 or 1941 tics
Storm Ruins 2: 0:55.00 or 1925 tics
Gloom Metropolis 1: 0:31.89 or 1116 tics
Gloom Metropolis 2: 0:41.03 or 1436 tics
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Koba, did it take you a full three years to post again because the shmups thread was such a huge turn-off? Was it that nobody got the Cave disclaimer, or that one person said Tyrian was one of the best? Either way: Unfortunate
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Koba, did it take you a full three years to post again because the shmups thread was such a huge turn-off? Was it that nobody got the Cave disclaimer, or that one person said Tyrian was one of the best? Either way: Unfortunate
Already this is the best reply I have ever gotten in this forum

Also no I just lost interest in SRB2 (again) lol


Sorry for the EXTREME bump, but how did you get the character to be launched out into space in Slime Slio Zone's pinch mode?


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If I remember correctly, the boss calls an A_LinedefExecute action that raises an invisible, intangible FOF out of the ground. This FOF has a strong wind current attached to it that forces the player towards the door.

I know it used to work that way before 2.1, but I may have changed it when I updated it.

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The levels in this pack are quite hard to pass and are quite delusional at times, but other than that, great job! It was a blast playing the levels. Great work, Furious, keep it up!


Alright, thanks. I want one stage I'm working on to have the beginning eject you into space, and this was a good example.
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