A very big openGL problem.

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Hello everyone.

So today I was running SRB2 in openGL. Like I always do.

And then I had to restart my laptop.

Once it fully restarted I turn on SRB2 in openGL again. And now I get this problem saying.

LoadLibrary() FAILED : couldn't load "r_opengl.dll"

And once I click ok. It then said.

Error initializing OpenGL.

I'm so confuse I check inside my SRB2 folder. And the r_opengl.dll is indeed in there.

And when I try loading it again it still gives me the same error.

So yeah it just wont load anymore.

Now I had this idea. I try loading SRB2 1.09.4 openGL. And it loaded in openGL mode.

But when i try loading SRB2 2.0.6 in openGL mode. It gives me the error.

By the way my OS is Windows 7. And it can run openGL perfectly on SRB2 2.0.6 and 1.09.4. At full speed.

So i'm hoping someone here knows how to fix this problem. Since I play SRB2 all the time in openGL.
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So first,maybe run as administratrator.Maybe it'll works.
If it doesn't,why did you had to restart your laptop?Because of a update?
In that case,uninstalling the update should work.If not,then sorry,i dont know.
I know this is pretty old now, but this actually happens to me occasionally. Normally, all I have to do to fix it is close other programs. For instance, sometimes if my web browser is running when I try to start SRB2 in OpenGL, I get the dll error. If I try again, same issue. But if I close my browser and start SRB2 again in OpenGL, it works perfectly fine.

Something the browser is doing (using OpenGL perhaps? Hurr durr) is conflicting with SRB2, so simply closing it fixes the issue. If you've installed anything recently that runs in the background, try turning it off to see if it's causing conflict with SRB2's OpenGL.
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