403 when connecting to the Master Server. Have I been banned?

So I haven't been playing for a while, I came back and tried to play online but I can't search for any rooms because my connection to the master server has been rejected. I am getting a "Master server error 403: <!DOCTYPE html>", so I made an account on this forum to get some help.

Also, I have not changed the master server link in the settings, it is all default. I have tried reinstalling and restarting.

And any device on my network cannot connect to the master server either unless I use a VPN.

Have I Been banned?
A bunch of text, no UI or anything

(33 5029 Aimeers%27%20Dedicated%20Server 2.2.9 5029 shadow 2.2.9 5029 Twins%20Serv%27%20%28ULDC%20Update%29 2.2.9 5029 %87S1%20%84CO-OP%20%85Server 2.2.9 5029 RetroImages.net%20%5BEN%2FES%5D 2.2.9 2 Gaz%27s%20Server%20%5BUS-RINGSLINGER%5D 2.2.9 3 Gaz%27s%20Server%20%5BUS-G_RS-V1-TEST%5D 2.2.9 1 Gaz%27s%20Server%20%5BUS%5D 2.2.9 5029 %844%82Bit%20%85Beta 2.2.9 5029 %83Circuit%20race%20with%20%81%2ASparks%2A 2.2.9 5029 %87Gameing 2.2.9 5029 %8424%2F7%20%88Vanilla 2.2.9 5029 sciecentist%20tag 2.2.9 5029 %87Circuit%20Race%80%7C%84srb2circuit.eu 2.2.9 5030 %87Thicc%20Circuit%20Race%80%7C%84srb2circuit.eu 2.2.9

38 5029 CyanKnight%27s%2024%2F7%20Chaos 2.2.9 5029 CyanKnight%27s%2024%2F7%20Battle 2.2.9 5029 %5BUS-NJ%5D%20%85Krabs%27s%2024%2F7%20Battle 2.2.9)

which I assume are servers in their respective categories.


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Do such thing happen consistently or only sometimes? Actually being banned would have shown a different error fyi.
I'm back, had a few things keeping me busy. Also restarting my router with a new IP seems to not help, for anyone still curious

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