Fixed 2.2 has issues with "Trigger Zones"

(I'm not sure what they're actually called but that just makes sense to me)
Getting to the gist of things here, basically, several areas in the game that are supposed to forcibly trigger a certain character state (i.e. zoomtubes) don't always seem to activate. It's entirely possible for Zoomtubes to simply not function, and most commonly experienced with that, but it's also possible for other types of triggers to not work. I once skipped the part that's supposed to return your character to their normal size in Egg Satellite Zone, which made the ending section easier than it normally is.

Unfortunately, this seems to be one of those bugs that is hard to reproduce reliably, and because of that I currently do not have any screenshots. But once I do, I'll be sure to post them.

EDIT: I have just received word that it's possible for the game to not respawn objects when passing the Ideya Drone in NiGHTs stages and I assume that bug is related somehow. Additionally, I now have a screenshot of a Zoom Tube failure, but unfortunately I was not able to reproduce it for a video despite several attempts. See below.

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This is a known problem. Egg Satellite has been having issues with the control sector that makes you large again. I thought I resolved this in stage design by making that area larger, but it didn't work. I can try again but it may require a code-side fix. This behavior was not present in the 2.1 iteration of the map, and nothing about the control sectors has changed there.

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