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So I got bored one day when my internet went out, and then I realized that I still had 2.0 on my computer. And then there's the obvious fact that Knuckles' sprites were replaced with MotorRoach's new neat looking Knuckles sprites. I then decided to port the 2.0 Knuckles back because why not.
I was gonna add a Lua script which makes him play more like he does in 2.0, but I couldn't figure it out so I just left him the way I could do him. I did however, give him the NoSkid flag.
He also plays very similarly to how he does in 2.0, no changes.
Do enjoy this, regardless of shitty sprites, and that's all I have to say.


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I see absolutely no point in porting this backwards, a downgrade. I questioned the same thing with UglyKnux as well, but people seem intent on porting old obsolete things.

Oh well, for "novelty" I guess.


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In my opinion, 2.0 Knuckles looks fine. Though I can see why Chuckles replaced 2.0 Knux. His idle wait animation is just too "unfitting" alongside Sonic and Tails.

Gee, I wonder why everyone is so obsessed with stuff from the past now that 2.1's been out for 5 or 6 weeks or something.


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To be honest, I was hoping this wouldn't be brought back.

Nothing can stop my tears of sorrow now.

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To be honest, I was hoping this wouldn't be brought back.

Nothing can stop my tears of sorrow now.

I kinda agree with this. I mean, ugly knux was brought back as more of a joke and for nostalgia from 1.09.4, with abilities different from that of Chuckles. This, however, is just a Chuckles clone with not-as-good sprites.


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The 2.0 Knuckles was consistent in how his sprites were shaded, as he fit well alongside the other characters in terms of the artstyle. However, the sprites aren't as expressive and full of character as superior, current sprites are.

Nonetheless, still something nice to have.
Well I like the 2.0 Knuckles better than 2.1. But that's probably just because of the damn shie I haven't gotten used to the Chuckles sprites yet (even though I have beaten the singlepony campaign as him in 2.1).
Never really liked any of the sprites Chrispy made to finish off the character, but eh.
And here "the character" means 2.0 Knuckles or 2.1 Chuckles? Not really sure, as it was a "MotorRoach" who at least uploaded Chuckles, but some people on that thread also state he made the "KTE" wad, which seems almost identical to 2.0 PrettyKnux.

: With "PrettyKnux", I mean vanilla Knuckles, just in case anyone is wondering.

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Well considering I'm posting in the thread about 2.0 Knuckles, surely it would have been clear it was 2.0 Knuckles I was talking about?

Eh come to think of it maybe it wasn't that clear. Oh well.


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I'm not kidding. I like 2.0 Knux better than Chuckles. To me, it looks more like it was made for SRB2.

If that's the case, then I hope Sonic and Tails also eventually get sprites that look like they weren't "made for SRB2".

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