2.0.5 MS rules confusion...

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Being excited by the release of SRB2 v2.0.5, I immediately wanted to host a Standard server on SRB2, after reading the new rules, but this section...
Standard Room Rules:
3) Do not use this room if you are intending to play using a custom or non-official gametype.
...made me ask this:

tl;dr madness alert!

I use a txt script i call 'Server Commands' everytime i host a server with the official EXE. This script executes a series of alias commands, such as setting up different styles of Match modes (methods). And here's where the question mark gets in play, there are some styles, that looks too custom to me, and afraid to use those styles in the standard room.

Here's the list of styles (methods), that might be out of place:

Match Methods
Randomness, For The Lulz - These while individual methods, but are similar to each other. Their Special elements are for both methods are the usage of Random monitors (MATCH_BOXES RANDOM), Randomness has fair and almost balanced item frequency with Sudden on, and Respawn time 10. FTL uses Respawn time 1, cheap item frequency and killingdead on, and teledie20.soc/wad
Last Super Standing - For those, who plays typical and popular FPS games will get the name of this method. This uses SMV3.wad, and RESPAWNITEM set to OFF. The point of this is everyone, who pops a Super Monitor (replaces 10 rings monitor) will get 9999 rings and MP super form. Then they fight until only one super remains, thus ending a level with the host announcing the winner, and exiting the level manually using EXITLEVEL.
Soccer - Was a little popular method during the time of 2.0.0-1's release. This method uses X_AridSoccer.wad as the only map for this method, and it's in team match. It's a soccer map, with a big tumbleweed being the "ball", and the forceskinned knuckles players' objectives is to pass the "ball" to the enemy team's goal. Host is the scoreboard operator, and the game ends when TIMELIMIT is hit, with the host announcing the player.
Tournament - The host decides who to fight with who in a 1 vs 1 battle, disabling ALLOWTEAMCHANGE, and uses SERVERTEAMCHANGE every new round dependent on wins/loses for players. Normal match settings, otherwise.
Tag/HnS methods:
Hard HnS - This method uses the coop rotation for players to hide and seek in single player levels. Because of these huge maps, HIDETIME and TIMELIMIT is increased drastically.

And that's all...now before the mods think i'm stating the styles' description in order to advertise my server, then no, that's not my purpose. The reason why, is for the mods to understand the styles, and judge if it is out of place from the Standard room or not.

The REAL question is: Am i allowed to still host these styles in the standard room, or these belong to the casual room.

Thank you for advance, and thanks for the release STJr.


From what I can tell, these seem like custom gametypes that are built off of the match framework, so I would advise using the Casual room (not that there's anything particularly wrong with that -- a lot of those gametypes seem inventive and something I'd like to encourage people to make). Tournament-style play and "Hard HnS" are fine for Standard, however.

Tweaking a few server variables in any given gametype is still viable for Standard mode (as it's just a variation on one of our gametypes). However, if those variables are edited to such an extent, or the gametype is used as a base for a gametype with an unrelated objective, then it's meant for casual.

Hope that clears things up.

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Late reply...

Ah yes, thanks Spazzo.

Ok, so i know now i need to create two separate scripts for the two rooms, and to manage my styles beetwen these two...

Well this is gonna take awhile...
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