pixel art

  1. bennascar

    Sunova Chars (Spriters and maybe coders wanted?)

    Hello, everyone! This is the first time I've posted anything in here, so to properly introduce myself real quickly, my name's Ben. I'm a pixel artist and have been for around 8 years or so, and I wanted to show off what I've been working on for around 2 or 3 weeks? I've recently started work on...
  2. mr_someone

    mr someones art thread.

    Place where i mostly just post what ever art im doing, this isn't just for me though, as multiple other people can post stuff here. 1707089860 haiii 1707090107
  3. AniCroAlbanyPr1m0

    First foray into pixel art.

    Hello, y'all! I might needed some help from folks who are proficient in pixel art. Safe to say that this is my very first time doing this. I'm currently making my own character, who is just my self insert, on a miniaturized Albany Primo (a GTA car, yes.) I needed some criticism on it, so do...