1. Rebeg

    (wrong forum. whoops!)

    this is my first time creating a mod (not for release, just a shitpost mostly) but I've been having trouble with super sonic sprites as they've become squished and stretched sometimes. i have no idea what's causing this, because i'll replace the sprites completely with (working) super sonic...
  2. S0nic1983

    Snap The Sentinel v1

    Snap the Sentinel joins to the race! Our favourite Sev's OC is now in DRRR! Get ready for real challenge and try to won! Snap have own custom skincolor (because it's two-tone character), named as... Xanthous (yeah, not originally) Stats: Speed - 6 Weight - 6 CREDITS: VelocitOni - Character...
  3. SpeedyM!

    The Sonic X Ring Burst Ability! 1.5

    The ability is inspiration from the anime series "Sonic X". Speed and fly through the map with this Over Powered Ability! To use this ability, you must be sonic and get 15 rings first. Once done, press and hold tossflag and you'll be able to fly for 4 seconds! hold jump to fly up and spin to fly...
  4. SabreTheWolf

    [Open Assets] Account System 1.4

    The lua mod that enables users to login/register an account to allow data synchronization to the server. When players log out their rings, scores and lives reset back to zero and starting from scratch. To read the list of commands just type in chat "!help" and you'll receive a list of commands...
  5. B

    Uninspired mods nowadays?

    This only really applies to modded characters, but please take what im saying in the kindest way possible. I really do love Srb2's modding community. So... i havent played SRB2 in a few months, (4-6) and i wanted to see what kinds of great mods got released since i was gone. I vividly remember...
  6. bennascar

    Sunova Chars (Spriters and maybe coders wanted?)

    Hello, everyone! This is the first time I've posted anything in here, so to properly introduce myself real quickly, my name's Ben. I'm a pixel artist and have been for around 8 years or so, and I wanted to show off what I've been working on for around 2 or 3 weeks? I've recently started work on...
  7. jaximations


    my oc is gonna be a mod! but the 3 customs are unused? can yall help!? use a theme of shapeshifting, fake peppino type stuff! also the mods gonna have 4 other characters thatre significant in my oc's lore* pls make custom button abilities! *overwrites amy with a pallette swap,and adds...
  8. theultimatesonicgamer

    what is this mod and where can i find it?

    i was looking at the download page for Adventure sonic (go check it out if you haven't ) and i saw a mod for green forest being shown off in the gifs posted along with the mod, and i was wondering where i can find the mod. does anyone know?
  9. Water_Scout

    Destiny Island: Springy Beginning demo

    This is the first mod i am EVER going to release to the message board, and since it's a demo things are obviously going to be subject to change, so don't be grumpy when your favorite section in a level is gone Anyways, the story is soon after Sonic and Tails stopped Robotnik from stealing the...
  10. GamingWithFroxy

    Walter & Rider Mod Close Release

    Are you ready to play as my new OC's? Want to be a feral wolf? Do you want to stop your crazy brother from causing havoc? Then download this mod, and you can do all of that! (RP of course) COMING SOON! 1707251643 Teaser Image
  11. sy1vi3

    Adding an Existing Custom Ability to an Existing Custom Character

    Hello! I'm making my first post on the forum to ask for some help with a little project I've gotten myself into. Basically, I want to play the game using a Blaze model (along with the custom menu image, etc. provided by .Luke's Blaze The Cat,) and also a custom ability, namely Rebound Dash...