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Steel Titanium
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Default [2.1.18] SRB2 will try to use : after 9999 screenshots.

After 9999 screenshots, if you attempt to create a new screenshot, an error showing "couldn't create screen shot srb2:000.png" will appear on console, easist way to do this is to create dummy files in a folder that goes from srb20000.png to srb29999.png
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Monster Iestyn
Friendly Neighbour-Hood
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Curiously enough it seems the game DOES try to detect going past # 9999, but it looks like it checks the wrong variable. So that's probably the goofup here.

If it worked it'd give the error message here:

EDIT: Btw, the reason the game can't make a "srb2:000.png" screenshot file is probably because : is not allowed in filenames, so I've just reminded myself. =V

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Originally Posted by Monster Iestyn View Post
Mirrored Merge

Linux x86 build

Windows x86 SDL2 build
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Monster Iestyn
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My fix has been merged to master, so this bug should be fixed for the next release/patch of SRB2.
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