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Remade Snailer Sprites
Version: v1, by DrTapeworm (The Crime Slime) DrTapeworm is offline
Developer Last Online: Aug 2020

Category: Version: SRB2 Rating: (1 votes - 3.20 average)
Released: 01-01-2015 Last Update: Never Favourites: 2
SOCs Re-Useable Content Sprites/Graphics

As of recent times, I've noticed how ugly a lot of SRB2's older sprites are, so I took the time to make some better sprites for the Snailer with the intent of making it more snail-like.

(gif slightly outdated; some changes were made between its creation and now)

In addition, this wad also contains an updated projectile for the Snailer, replacing the old 2.0 Eggmobile sausage. It travels at the same speed as the original projectile, but also leaves behind a trail of small balls that damage the player if touched. It is also green.

As a bonus, sprites are also included for Great Divide Zone's ice and fire snailers.

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File Type: rar snailer_remastered.rar (13.0 KB, 436 views)


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Name:	srb20000.png
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Old 01-01-2015   #2
Prime 2.0
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It should go without saying that in order to use the great divide sprites you'd need to add this second...

Neat projectile, though I'm surprised you didn't opt for a smoother fade. You should consider having a version of the wad without the projectile mod though, all the same.
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Old 01-01-2015   #3
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Speaking of the projectile mod, the funny thing about it is that the projectile object actually replaces MT_ROCKET, instead of occupying a freeslot. Ironically, this ends up slightly breaking Great Divide, as the MT_ROCKET that Tails fires is replaced with the Snailer projectile, which damages Tails with its ball trail immediately upon creation. On the topic of the sprites themselves, though, they're much more fitting for a 'Snailer' than the current ones. If or when they end up becoming official, I'll be sure to add the sprites for the Great Divide variants (thank you for those, by the way) to the level WAD as the new defaults.
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