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Version: .8, by BlueZero4 BlueZero4 is offline
Developer Last Online: Jan 2021

Version: SRB2 Rating: (3 votes - 4.00 average)
Released: 08-30-2011 Last Update: Never Favourites: 3
Single Player Levels

College starts for me in two weeks.

I'm going to be going to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in California to major in architectural engineering. SRB2 mapping was really important to me for a few years, and if I'm honest, it still is. I love applying the creative process spatially to make SRB2 maps. I love it so much I want to do it professionally.

I am a prideful person. As such, I've been wanting to release my own maps for 2.0 only when I felt I'd worked my maps to be ready for it. I'd been thinking that since 1.09.4, and it still hasn't happened. Architectural engineering is one of the busiest majors on campus, needing me to even spend my weekends on my studies. I won't have time for anything else, so I'm formally giving up on ever having my SRB2 maps being presentable. Even these two weeks I have now, I'm spending on writing fiction instead of mapping. Writing is more important to me right now. I never actually changed my maps much, so I don't want to wait any longer to let you play them. Here they are.

Being a part of this community was very important to me, for a time. I'm very glad I was here. I'm very glad I knew all of you. You all have wonderful minds, and I'm very glad you were here for me to bounce ideas off of you. To all the staff here, thank you for calling me out every time I was out of line. I need reminding sometimes. Thank you all for putting up with me, and I hope you all enjoyed my presence here even a fraction of how much I enjoyed yours.

I may be back next summer; I may not. Spending a year immersed in architecture might get me more excited about SRB2 mapping again, and it might not. If I come back, though, I think I'll want a new username. "BlueZero4" has gathered too much dirt and crud on it. I'd like to be who I really am on these forums, and I might need a new name to do that. Too often I've let myself drift away on my own emotion, and you all have seen that. Over and over again.


~ ~ ~

The filename for this is "scr_bz4pack.wad" because I'm uncomfortable using the name "Centigrade" on something so unfinished. For me, the name "Centigrade" carries with it the weight of my aspirations of a seven zone mod. I'm old enough now to know that will never happen. I think that I'd still end up using "Centigrade" as a title for a finished product, though. This file, as it is now, comes straight out of the guts of my SRB2 directories (it's scary in there!), because I thought that would be the best way to release this sort of good-bye. Nothing's cleaned up because I wanted to let you see it exactly as it was when I left it. (I did check to see there weren't any testing spawns, though.)

The Nuclear Sunset pair, acts 1 and 2, are fundamentally unchanged. I made them in the summer between 8th grade and freshman year, and they carry much sentimental weight for me. The NSZ2 switchhunt also has finally an (unfinished) bonus map after the teleport.

I hate boss acts, but I recently decided that instead of moving Forever Forest 1 down to MAP03 and not having ANY act 3 for NSZ, I wanted a full-length single player act in which I would use my new mapping skills on the old theme. I never gave it much attention though, partly because the first room was so high maintenance that I wanted to work on it. It would have had a nice gameplay gimmick in it, but oh well.

Forever Forest 1 was always unfinished. In 1.09.4, I hit technical limitations, and said "Oh crap, I have to end this early." Now that we're in 2.0, I wish I could draw out all of those quizzical dead ends into a path structure like NSZ1.

I'm really torn about Forever Forest 2. I like a lot of it, I don't like a lot of it. A lot of what I like is woven so closely into what I don't like that much of it would have to be overhauled to be good. I was always confused about what I wanted the map to be, and I'm still somewhat confused. (For example, I've never found music for it I'm happy with.) That confusion came into the map because I felt the map hanging over me, and I just wanted it done, so I was thinking "What do I do next?" rather than "What does this part need?" That mindset may have come from creative block, but the creative block may also have created the mindset. I'm not sure. I always wanted to change it, and I still do. Many of those changes are left unfinished, so this map has many things that just don't make sense. I want to fix this map; I do. I even want to fix the fixes that ended up not fixing anything. But I have to leave it behind now.

Oh, and there's a Bittersweet remake. The original idea was really powerful to me, and I wanted to do more with it. I never went past the first room though, and I'm not sure it had the potential to be a full-length map.

Then there's Lava Factory, another undeveloped idea which stands at only a first room. That neat lighting effect probably belongs in FFZ2's factory parts instead.

Most of you already know what's in the pack. The screenshots attached are only of previously unreleased content. Which is to say, NSZ3 and Lava Factory.

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Old 09-01-2011   #2
Prime 2.0
Permanently Banned

Given the nature of the above post, I'd like to preemptively state that this topic is first and foremost for the discussion of the levels included in the pack; please refrain from kicking up any drama over BZ4's announced departure. For those just wanting to say goodbye, a private message should suffice.

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Charybdizs's Avatar

Nuclear Sunset released for 2.0, eh? I guess I can scrap that old 1.09.4 port of it now. It'll be good to play this all the way through now. I really only ever played a leisurely run through of NSZ, so I guess it's about time I actually tried this button hunt thing.

When I first played it, I was on a roadtrip down south. A bunch of my other plans of what to do on the trip had crashed, so I found the port sitting in my files, and began playing it. At first I was kind of like "ehh", but after a little playing, I got drawn in. The whole thing is very open to exploration, and there's always something new to find. Each part has something simple and new, and it always keeps a clean, uncluttered feel to it. In a sense, I was annoyed by how expansive it was, as my OCD kept pricking me with the unwelcome reminder that I hadn't seen the whole thing. I still haven't seen the whole thing, due to a busy life, but now that there is this, maybe I'll pick it back up one of these days when I've got nothing else to do. Haha, like that day will ever come. Then again, playing through this legend is probably something better to do than a lot of other things I could spend my time on.

Thanks for this, BlueZero4!
Planning ahead is for ninnies who think they can predict every possible outcome. The future is mutable! Go with the flow!
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Old 09-01-2011   #4
Internet Explorer
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BlueZERO, I see we have the same ideas about the creation of level, that is to enjoy creating levels. They are professionally created levels (not an old Flash game that found on the Internet) and inside, we can import all us ideas.
It's too bad go, I had greatly appreciated your advice that stood out very well than the other players on the contest, advice that was almost emotional, as if my level was a living being.

I like a lot your Level Design, and I never doubted !

First of all I am very good at decorating wads, and I can help you. By "decorate", I mean :
==> Lots of people say I have a good taste in the choice of music. At the same time, I can choose from more than 30GB of mp3s. And also, I love guess the music of SRB2 which are customized. I found all the music for your game.
==> I can you create news sprites, like a new menu.
If so, look what it can give !

Call me for a hand graphic / musical, I can help you !

Let's talk about your wad.

Continue Music : Mr Nuts (Genesis) - Main Menu
Original, I liked this game.
Invincibility : (You've beat me this time, I'm tired to search for what Mario music is it.)

Nuclear Sunset Act 1 : No music ! Ooh, no ...
I will not say "nuclear" because the level is composed of 15% of machines and 85% of Greenflower style.
You probably should rename it ...
More I get to the end of the level, more the level is better.
The beginning is a bit empty. Then approach the Green Flower's caves, it becomes much more interesting. Be careful when you use the style Nimbus Ruins at the end, because you mix three themes in your level !
There are cheakpoints problems to review, they are in all levels.
NS1 is a basic level I liked, but nothing more. The theme "nuclear" was not respected, unfortunately.

Nuclear Sunset Act 2 : A nice music, I agree. Misty Rain of Rockman ZX.
Much better than act 1. Long passes (the kinds of rivers) at the beginning are wonderful. Nimbus Ruins theme is still there and has great ideas.

Nuclear Sunset Act 3 : Pretty room. The windows are ideally placed.

Forever Forest Act 1 : Storm Eagle (Maverick Hunter X)
This area is extremely well done ! The beauty impresses me. Small confusion. But is it really a forest ? 95% Egyptians Rocks , 5% trees.

Forever Forest Act 2 : My Next Generation (Sonic the Hedgehog Heaven)
A beautiful sky. A beautiful dark blue night sky makes the level 30% better and enjoyable to play.

As always with water and ruins. A little less confusion, this time.

BitterSweat : Wow ! A very cute level. I've seen this several times, but the snow makes a "stroke" on the level, very enjoyable to play.

Lava Factory Act 1 : The beginning looks professional, especially by the effects of light. I'll wait until it's longer to talk about it.
If you need music, something in the style of Megaman remix , I'm here!

I was fast, I'm sorry ... I should also note the contest ...
It's alright, go on, you'll never know anything if you don't try
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Old 09-01-2011   #5
BlueZero4's Avatar

Internet Explorer, you're right. My names are more decorative than anything else. I think it's too late to change them now, though.
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