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[SRB2 Riders] Reversal Zone Act 8 Details »»
[SRB2 Riders] Reversal Zone Act 8
Version: 1.2, by Monster Iestyn (Fangtastic) Monster Iestyn is offline
Developer Last Online: Oct 2020

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Released: 06-26-2011 Last Update: 06-28-2011 Favourites: 2
Multiplayer Levels

(...Yes, I'm actually releasing something here for once. =P )

After seeing the recent Mario Kart mode-making trend that's been going on around here, I decided to make my own just for fun.

Check the attachments for the screenshots.

Known bugs:
  • Items such as the Green or Red Shells are rendered useless in anti-gravity, since they don't flip into anti-gravity even if the player is.
  • Mario Audiences can't "hop" in anti-gravity.
  • Falling into a regular gravity pit, even when the last checkpoint you touched was in anti-gravity, results in you respawning in regular gravity, thus putting players who end up doing this at a ridiculous disadvantage thanks to respawning at the wrong checkpoint. D=

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Old 06-27-2011   #2
Probably Responsible
D00D64's Avatar

the level seems okay, and it does point out a few bugs CZ64 may need to stomp, but the map begs for some other visuals or SOMETHING. It's really bare looking.
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Old 06-27-2011   #3
The Tortured Planet guy
Fawfulfan's Avatar

I just have two main issues with this map besides the acknowledged bugs.

First, this may just be my opinion, but I think the start/finish line should always be placed dead in the center of a straight section, or at the very least have a straight section after it. If there's a pronounced curve immediately after the line, anyone performing a starting boost will launch themselves off the track (or in some cases, into the side rail or wall). Call me crazy, but I think any player who gets the timing of that move right should be rewarded, not punished. I also think a few other curves, particularly those immediately after gravity flips, should be modified to give the player a little more time to react to them.

Second, the sides and floors of the track are both similar shades of gray. The problem isn't just that it looks's that it can be tricky to pinpoint the exact edge of the track when it curves. I'd recommend you either make the track darker or the walls lighter...either one would solve the issue.

Otherwise, not a bad level. The gimmick is clever, even if it suffers from the engine's bugs.
Just another indie game developer...check out my website, Chapman Games!
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Old 06-27-2011   #4
Monster Iestyn
Monster Iestyn's Avatar

Update: Thanks to Simsmagic, the stage now has quite a bit of visuals. I've also changed the sides of the track to be lighter than the flats of it.

(I haven't gotten around to moving the starting line to the straight area yet though. =S )
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Old 06-28-2011   #5
Monster Iestyn
Monster Iestyn's Avatar

Minor update: fixed a slight goof-up with the scenery added to the previous update.
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