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Default What are your controls?

The title makes it self-explainatory. What controls do you use to play SRB2? I play differently from most people since I don't use wasd keys.

"Arrow Keys" for moving forward, reverse, and turning left + right.

"/" for jumping.

"." for spindashing.

"," for throwing rings.

"CTRL" for changing weapons (right)

This probably doesn't count as a control, but I typically play with chasecam on.
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Arrows for back/forward and strafing. Because setting turning to the arrow keys is so incredibly dated and cumbersome.

Ctrl for jumping, shift for rolling. Mouse for aiming, firing and weapon switching. While we're talking chasecams, I leave it off, even when playing singleplayer. I guess I just deal with perspective better in first person.

I usually just set macros for everything else I need. Like server options.
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I was thinking of making one of these:

Up/Down - Move
Left/Right - Strafe
Mouse - Turn
Left Click - Shoot
Right Click - Jump
Middle button - Camera
Shift - Spin
Enter - Toss
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Arrow keys - Movement
Space - Jump
"A" - Spindash
"S" - Ringslinger
"Q/W" - Strafe
View - Is always 3rd Person.

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Old 02-02-2010   #5
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W: Spin
S: Jump
A: Strafe left
D: Strafe right
X: Recenter camera
Up/Down arrow keys: Move forward/backwards
Left/Right arrow keys: Turning

Honestly, this setup is just perfect (for single player anyways- I don't play multiplayer aside from co-op). Once you get used to it, it's completely intuitive and ideal for precision platforming.

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Wombatwarlord777's Avatar

Arrow keys: Movement
A: Strafe left
S: Spin
D: Jump
F: Strafe right

...Though I soon might change mine to match corneliab's set-up.

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W: Forward
S: Backward
A: Strafe left
D: Strafe Right
E: Spin/Spindash
X: Chasecam 0
C: Chasecam 1
Mouse 1: Ring Sling
Mouse 2: Jump
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Old 02-02-2010   #8
nightmare cenz
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My Controls :D
T = Forward
G = Jump
H = Spin
F = Toss Flag
R = Strafe left
Y = Strafe Right
5 = Pause
N = Change Weapon (Left)
M = Change Weapng (Right)
Q = Talk
A = Team Talk
Mouse Left Click = Shoot (With Special weapons)
Mouse Right Click = Backward
Spacebar = Shoot (Normal)
Note: I Always use Chasecam 0 (I only use Chasecam 1 when I play H&S)

and if binds count as Controls...
1 = Skin Tails
2 = Skin Sonic
3 = Chasecam 0 (Off)
4 = Chasecam 1 (On)
5 = Pause (...)
6 = Color Red
7 = Color Steel Blue
8 = Color Beige
9 = Screenshot
0 = Color White
' = Color Orange
Z = Skin Hinote (If Added)
X = Skin Knuckles
C = Skin TailsRe (If Added)
I = Ringslinger 1
O = Ringslinger 0

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Old 02-02-2010   #9
My thoughts on your posting
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Arrow Keys = Move (Analog Movement On)
C = Jump
X = Spin
Z = Throw Ring
Q/W = Camera Left/Right

I should see if I can get my 360 controller hooked up for this.
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Old 02-02-2010   #10
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WASD, chasecam off, mouselook only, final destination.
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W: Forward
A: Strafe Left
S: Backward
D: Strafe Right

Mouse1: Ringsling
Mouse2: Jump
Mouse3 (Mousewheel press): Spindash
Mousewheel: Weapon Select
Mouse4: Toss Flag

Chasecam on, Mouselook, blah.
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Old 02-02-2010   #12

WASD for running forward/backward and strafing.

Mouselook enabled, left click for jump and right click for spindash.
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Old 02-02-2010   #13
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I like my buttons being close by each other, thanks.

Arrow keys: Movement
".": Jump
"/": Spin
"L": Throw ring
";": Throw ring normal
"'": Toss Flag
"K": Next Weapon
",": Previous Weapon
RALT Key: Enable strafing
"C": Reset camera

Page up: Look up
Page down: Look down
End: Center view
If you looked at my keyboard setup, these three keys are near my forward slash, return, and shift keys.

1: Pause
2: Special bind to toggle chasecam
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Old 02-04-2010   #14
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WASD - Forward, back, strafe.
Q - Spin.
E - Weapon switch. (unused)
Shift - Mouselook.
Mouse - Frantic attempts at steering.
Left click - Fire.
Right click - Jump.

Many of the more specialized commands are randomly mapped, since I can't go online and thus have no current need of them.
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E - Move forwards
D - Move backwards
S - Strafe left
F - Strafe right
A key (Pressed with the pinky finger) - Spindash
Space bar (Pressed with thumb) - Jump
Mouse - Turning & aiming
Left mouse click - Fire
Right mouse click - Cycle weapons
Push down on scroll wheel - Toss flag
Turn scroll wheel - Cycle weapons forwards
Turn scroll wheel backwards - Cycle weapons backwards

I love this setup, because the ESDF + A + space bar Is well fitted to my left hand. I also use this setup in 3rd person, because I've been using it so much that I forgot how to not suck using arrow keys + . + /
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Old 02-04-2010   #16
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Space- Jump
Z- Spindash
X- Ring toss
ArrowKeys- Movement
Q and W- Switch weapons
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Old 02-04-2010   #17

Here are mine:

W = Forward
S = Backward
A = Strafe Left
D = Strafe Right
Left Mouse Button (Mouse1) = Jump
Right Mouse Button (Mouse2) = Shoot Ring
Scrollwheel Press (Mouse3) = Spindash
Scrollwheel Up = Next Weapon
Scrollwheel Down = Previous Weapon
Space Bar = Talk
Control = Talk to Team
Shift = Toss Flag/Emeralds
N = nodes command
P = ping command
~ = Console
autoaim off
chasecam off
mouselook on
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Old 02-04-2010   #18
the Food
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Up arrow = Forward
Down arrow = Backward
Left arrow = Left
Right arrow = Right

Z = Jump
X = Spin
A = Toss Flag 
C = Strafe On
G = Taunt

2 = Next Weapon
1 = Previous weapon

S = Ringtoss
D = Ringtoss Normal

W = Look Up
E = Look Down
R = Center View

T = Talk
Y = Team Talk

F = Scores
~ = Console
P = Pause
Mine are probably a bit unusual.
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Old 02-04-2010   #19
Spirit Dragon
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= Jump
z = Throw flag
x = throw ring
c = normal throw ring
r = taunt
t = talk
y = team talk
o = rotate cam left
p = rotate cam right
enter = pause
1 - 9 = select ring weapon
u = strife on
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Old 02-04-2010   #20

WSQE- Movement
A - Strafe left
D - Strafe Right
Shift - Spin
Mouse1- Fire
Mouse2- Jump
Mouse Wheel- Switch weapon

I have a Steelseries Stealth keyboard that I use the gaming buttons on, and a Logitech G500 mouse, so it's slightly different than you think
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