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Sylveon - With new sprites. Details »»
Sylveon - With new sprites.
Version: 2.1.1, by Lat' (Absolute territory where) Lat' is offline
Developer Last Online: Sep 2020

Category: Version: SRB2 Rating: (6 votes - 4.17 average)
Released: 05-14-2015 Last Update: 05-30-2015 Favourites: 1
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Sylveon has some custom abilities to make it unique compared to the vanilla characters. So, what can it do then?

Double Jump ability: Moonjump

Works just like TF2, it propels Sylveon in the air to a decent speed, allowing to get close to Sonic's! However, be aware that it will hurt you by 5 HPs . It also leaves a fancy smoke trail behind your burning butt!

CUSTOM1: Moonblast

It's a projectile that explodes. Cool story, huh?!

SPIN (while jumping): LightScreen

A kind of instashield that gives a 0.25 second invulnerability, allowing to cheese out projectiles and ERZ lasers! Unlike Sonic 3 (and probably Fucking Sonic's) instashield, it won't send back projectiles, just stop them.

Boredoom Animation: Rest
In case Sylv' needs some HPs to continue its robot genocide, it can always take a nap to regain HPs! You get 1 HP every 2 seconds by waiting.

SPIN (Standing): QuickAttack

Hold spin and smash forward to charge it, it will give you a momentum boost that lasts as long as you don't go below your normal top speed or jump. It won't destroy enemies, but will destroy bustable walls.

SPIN (Walking/Running): Slide

Press spin while moving to slide, it will allow you to go under tight spaces and damage enemies.

Advantages and disadvantages compared to other characters:

+) Sylveon uses an HP system, making it even more harder to kill than other characters!
+) The Moonjump is damn useful when used correctly.
+) Sylveon can turn Super by itself in Single Player and Co-Op.

-) Sylveon in overall is slow and is pretty useless when it's out of HPs and cannot use Moonjump anymore.
-) The Quick Attack does not damage the enemies, making it act more like a peel out than a spindash used to go through enemies.

Now the pratical question is:
"Is Sylveon cappable of beating the SP campaign?!"

The awnser is yes. Make good use of your abiltiies, and you should be okay!
Most custom levels can be completed too, the only exception being Toaster's Glacier Gear, as Sylveon cannot go farther than that one door that makes the player go in the 2D section. That's too bad, because I like this level =/

Have fun with that WAD, and don't forget to leave feedback for further versions. Go easy on me if it's about sprites, those are already a miracle from my standpoint.

Known glitches / issues:
1) Some problems related to the slide on platform moving upward.
2) The Slide shrinks the eventual carried shield.

Special Thanks to LJ Sonik and Zipper for the help with the script.

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Sorry, but I don't intend on porting this.
Originally Posted by MADVAL2 View Post
glad there is no Zero Two in this pack,i really get mad everytime i see Zero Two
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