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Dirk The Husky
Version: 1.1.1, by DirkTheHusky (Team Kinetic RPG) DirkTheHusky is offline
Developer Last Online: Sep 2020

Category: Version: SRB2 Rating: (15 votes - 4.33 average)
Released: 10-11-2017 Last Update: Never Favourites: 10
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Long waited for another character to play as, here's Dirk The Husky!

He's got the same speed as Knuckles, but has many aerial tricks up his sleeves. But they are limited so you have to plan your moves to get across some obstacles.

Ice Platforms: (Jump in mid-air)
Dirk can spawn 3 platforms when he is off the ground. Use it to get across large gaps. This causes less friction when you're on them.

Ice surf: (Spin while running over runspeed)
Dirk will ride across an ice trail that can also be used to get across large open areas. Press and holding Jump while ice surf is used will ascend you to the sky. To cancel, simply release Spin or release it while holding Jump to perform a jump after ending Ice surf. Pressing Spin while going under the runspeed while cause Dirk to go into his spin state.

Ice run: When touching water, Dirk will run across the water while spawning ice trails.

Ice ring (Match exclusive):
Instead of a red ring. Dirk will shoot an ice ring that freezes players when it makes contact. While frozen, players can mash buttons to reduce the time of the freeze effect. Also, frozen players can shoot others to avoid being hit after being thawed out and they are also invincible during the freeze effect.

Dirk is also available for Top Down.
A new command "specialcolor" is a command that changes Dirk's skincolor to more of a black with a blue tint color.


1.1.1 (11/1/17)
Fixed an issue where Dirk was invulnerable to certain projectiles (e.g. eggman's laser in GFZ3)
Players using ice surf in analog mode now face the direction of their momentum

1.1.0 (10/31/17)
Ice surfing over moving FOFs is more reliable (it still freaks out in some cases, but most floors can be stably surfed over)
Walking and running on rising water is much less spazzy
Spawning ice platforms while at high speeds is much safer
The tail of Dirk's ice trail becomes intangible while fading away, making it much less of an obstruction
Dirk no longer regenerates ice surf while standing on an ice platform
Ice surfing from an ice platform no longer resets Dirk's ice platform count
Added lots of checks to the ice ring script to reduce the number of warnings that can appear
Modified the way the ice shards are positioned when players are frozen; they should not disconnect from moving players anymore
Fixed a small issue regarding aerial ice surf rising upwards slightly when not holding jump
Dirk now has full compatibility with SRB2 Top Down, as well as a victory sound effect!
Dirk has a new dusk blue coloration! If you want to play as Dirk in the regular black, you can use the "specialcolor" command to turn it off or back on again

1.0.1 (10/11/17)
Fixed the warning that appears when Dirk falls into a pit
Speed shoes no longer throw the player off ice surf at top speed
Freezing players now awards the attacker with points
Non-ice ring projectiles thrown by players on the same team as a frozen player can now break that player free and also gain them points
Resolved a sprite conflict between MonitorsPlus and Dirk (Jeck will need to update the ice platform MD2)
removed herobrine xd

1.0.0 (10/10/17)
Initial release

MotorRoach = Sprite help and Ice surf platform sprite
Zhire/STCPhoton = Ice surf platform sprite help

HellHawkX = drown lua
Lach = Ability coder and mostly everything coding related
Lat' = Red ring mobjthinker
RedEnchilada = Spindash lua
Prisima = Ice ring lua
Sapheros = Bugfixing the drown lua

Special thanks:
Inazuma/Speedwagon = Ice surf idea
Potatosack = Signpost idea

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Originally Posted by GreenKnight9000 View Post
You can go to the S_SKIN file in the Character Wad and where you find
"Flags =" add SF_SUPER at the end

Test spoiler cause im new i want to do this now

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ummm remember this????
well i cant find flags
also FRIST IN PAG 3!!!
The guy who likes videogames :V

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