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Wandering Protagonist
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I think the second Elemental Shield clip is just random gameplay. Should have been a character running on lava to fit the other shields' second clips and how they demonstrate something about that particular shield ("can tank hits" and "shorts out when submerged in liquid").
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Emblem Radar Ready
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It's basically SRB2's "Stomp" if you're coming from the modern sonic games.
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I just saw the trailer for version 2.2 and I want to say good job to the creators for how much design you putted in the upcoming version of SRB2. I really appreciate that. Also, Happy 20th Anniversary! :)
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spaghetti coder
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Originally Posted by Pinkio View Post
where is the hype train?
Right here, right now.

STJr, this looks fantastic. Really amazing work. I haven't touched this game in years but I deeply look forward to your next big release—you'll bet I'll consume it as voraciously as I did Mania. Thanks so much for your continued effort on this slightly absurd but truly wonderful project.

Sending y'all devs all the best from upstate NY. Good vibes, and beer if you're ever in the area.
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