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Shadow Hog
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I have to vote for ALL the levels? Bah, then I'd have to do an awful lot of looking around to remember what each level was like... x__X;

Oh, all right. *grumble*

MAP01, Florid Crater Zone by FuriousFox: 7/10
Basic, but functional. Not terribly anything that stands out, though.

MAP02, Sandy Beach Zone by Some guy: 7/10
The glitch really ruins the feel, IMO. What's with the Koopa shell? Otherwise, it'd have been great.

MAP03, Diamond Duel Zone by Sonicandtails218: 6/10
It works, but those corners are just TOO easy to fall in.

MAP04, Wrecked Satellite Zone by Shadow Hog: XX/10
It's nothing special anymore. If it'd had Space Countdown it'd be neat and original. As-is it's bland and boring. I'll work on it for a v1.09 version, though, when the glitches should be fixed.

MAP05, Meadow Conflict Zone by hotdog003: 7/10
Not much that stands out. Feels too bland.

MAP06, Floating Factory by Firekid: 5/10
The Armageddon sheilds and small, cramped quarters really kill it.

MAP07, Sonichero's Palace Zone by Joe: 3/10
It's pretty ugly, and very un-streamlined. The result just doesn't feel that good at all.

MAP08, Fluff Fight Zone by SRB2-Playah: 6/10
It's pretty as heck, but Infinite and Automatic shouldn't be placed so close.

MAP09, Lunar Facility Zone by FuriousFox: 8/10
Feels like what my stage should have been done like. It's just great, all-around. The pits are too deep, though.

MAP10, Thunder Citadel Zone by Mystic: 8/10
The only flaw is those crushers, and how they really make getting Sonic higher nearly impossible. It's just great.

MAP11, Verdant Valley Zone by Shuffle: 7/10
It works okay, but let's face it, this is a CTF stage, not a Match.

MAP12, Winter Wonderland by Snort: 4/10
The level design's nice, but the Thing placement kills it dead. Too few rings in some areas, while other areas treat you to Infinite Automatic Homing Rail Bombs galore. That's BAD design, you should NEVER put so many rings so close together.

MAP13, Winter Valley Zone by Some guy: 7/10
It was good, but it didn't strike me as something all that special. What's with the ring-sucking ice?

MAP14, Barrel Barrage Zone by Blue_Blur: 6/10
Too small! Turrets! Ack!

MAP15, Ruined Fortress Zone by SRB2-Playah: 7/10
Pretty good. ...that's all I wrote. Eh.

MAP16, Fusion Reef Zone by a441 & SSNTails: 6/10
Those pits of inescapaple DOOM suck. Otherwise this'd have been pretty cool.

MAP17, Emerald Beach Zone by Senku: 4/10
Too bland, and it's a bit small.

MAP18, Illustrion Zone by Jason_the_Echidna: 7/10
I don't think it's all that special, but it works well. Why place an armageddon shield that you can't reach thanks to water that pushes you up? That's cruel.

MAP19, Green Patch Zone by Linkman90: 6/10
It's a bit TOO big... the Rail was a good choice considering that, though.

MAP20, Colorpool Arena by Ex_Sonic: 6/10
A bit too uniform? Either way, it doesn't strike me as all that snazzy.

MAP21, Ex Arena by Ex_Sonic: 6/10
Interesting design, but the gold sheild kills it. Should've been hidden in the secret area; the Green Sheild and an Infinite Ring just don't make up for the effort when you get the reward you SHOULD get just outside it.

MAP22, Space Fight Zone by Some guy: 5/10
Only one way in? A spring leading outside that kills you thanks to the fact its floor is tagged as a death pit? A level whose warps are confusing as heck? Not terribly grand, frankly.

MAP23, MI by Some guy: 0/10
Unplayable. You can never see who's coming and you're too busy running away to do anything if you DO see them, anyway.

There. Satisfied? Probably too late, but I don't really care at this point...
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Old 01-08-2005   #82

No, that's fine... the voting deadline is not as strict as the submissions deadline. If someone really really wanted to vote tomorrow, as long as I hadn't posted and announced the winner yet, I'd probably allow it.

Some guy claims the glitch in MAP02 was not there in his submitted version. I just checked, and he's absolutely right. It must be a ZenNode error. So if you knocked off any points for that specific reason, please put them back.

By the way, and please try to realize this is coming from someone who wants you to improve, not someone who thinks you suck: A space countdown in Wrecked Satellite would not change it from a bland and boring level into a neat and original level. It would change it into a bland and boring level with a space countdown.

I'm sure there are good creative ways you could use a space countdown, but you still NEED to vary the heights. Two heights for every floor in the level don't cut it. Think of the people who use Tails and Knuckles. Try to make sure you won't tempt them to kill you, or, worse, switch to Sonic.
[/constructive criticism]

Thanks for the votes. :)

Edit: Oh, and the armageddon shield in Illustrion is definitely possible to get. You have to wait until the water is at its lowest level, and you have to coordinate it really well. It's possible, just hard. But it's an armageddon shield, so that makes sense, right?
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Old 01-08-2005   #83
Permanently Banned

Yes. And I remember testing it... I would always kick everyone's butt because I had enough practice that I could get it just about every other time the tide went low without being swept away. You really have to dive in there, because the tide won't stay low very long and the current will lift you out as soon as you splash in.
As for your framerate problems, a441, I am sure it can be greatly improved if I were to remove the semi-transparent FOFs that sit along all the floor and in the trees, which make that beautiful effect...
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Old 01-08-2005   #84

Nice try on that beutifull effect, but it doesn't work in software. It makes the entire player that color, and it's not a "flash bug", a render glitch that stays there for one frame and then goes away. I know that it's impossible to fix, but just remember that not all of us use OpenGL.
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Old 01-08-2005   #85

Uh, what? I play in software and didn't notice any problem like that.
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Old 01-08-2005   #86

I'll get a screenshot right and quick...
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Old 01-08-2005   #87

But, I know that it shouldn't be that way because
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Old 01-08-2005   #88

That's a fairly generic sorting bug. I wouldn't say the effect is not working because of that. It still looks awfully nice.
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Old 01-08-2005   #89
Permanently Banned

Also, OpenGL has it's own list of problems with my level, as it seems I have inadvertantly hit nearly every single lighting bug. :roll: The trees have really dark internal shadows and no regular shadows in OGL, for instance.
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