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Old 02-01-2015   #141
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I don't know, but I remember that I started with the 1.09.4 version right before the weapons that mixed together were changed.

NOTICE: Game must be restarted to record statistics.
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Old 02-02-2015   #142
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Originally Posted by AxiomAerofox View Post
Today and now.
Originally Posted by Axiom's Profile
Join Date: 08-06-2014
So I don't know what the purpose of lying in a spam post is, but, apparently, he's lying.
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Well honestly, the first time i remember playing the game is 2.0.6 I think in 2011... I lost interest with the game and moved on. But about a year or two later, I got back to SRB2 and was perfectly hooked. I even made sure I had the update for 2.0.7 and was excited for the release of 2.1, just before then, I began the Server hosting of Duon Adventures... And by 2.1, I evolved to Duon Adventures 2.1. (I'm honestly gonna have to figure out how i'm gonna redo my IRC channel for 2.2...)
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Originally Posted by Mystic View Post
So I don't know what the purpose of lying in a spam post is, but, apparently, he's lying.

OH GOD.... Ok.

(AxiomAerofox received an infraction for this post: Do not spam. Put actual content in your posts.)
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Old 02-04-2015   #145
sorry for bad english
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Probably around four years. I did start six years ago, but took a two-year break. Decided to start doin' some SRB2 again.
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Old 02-18-2015   #146
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Well i was, pretty much around since, 2.0.6 and i was pretty much a noob until, i started to teach myself match and well, i did pretty good all the while until i got rusty. the year i joined? 2011

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Old 02-18-2015   #147
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Well, as I suck shit lord at maths, I re-calculated my years on srb2, and in total, I've been more like 6 years on this.

I was around 2.0.3 back then, but I always picked 1.09.4 because, it just had so much more wads and mods than 2.0 did nowadays.
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Old 02-23-2015   #148
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If I remember correctly I was like..10 or 11 (almost 22 now) when I found about this game. It was one of the 4.xx releases, complete with the weeabo-tastic special stage themes (that still resonate in my mind to this day)

I love this game so much.
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Old 03-08-2015   #149
KartKrew Dev
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Originally Posted by Iceman404 View Post
Started playing: 2005-2006
Played on MS: 2007-2009
Noticed 90% of the MS is full of idiots and began using the MB: 2008
IRC/#srb2fun (if it even counts) & #srb2kart: 2011.
Lol, well this has to be wrong. I'm sure I started srb2 in my very early years around 2006, not 2005, and played very rarely at that. I hardly even remember what I thought of it then. Actually, I only majorly began following in 2008 (I could've sworn I went by "MASTER_YOSHI" or something stupid like that). At this time I joined and became moderator of the horrible to recall SMBX forums with Redigit, was chased off there by Kyasarin, fled to the Spriters Resource, and eventually followed him back to here again when I got older and more competent with the internet; not knowing a forum for this old thing even existed.

My first levels I recall playing weren't even the vanilla campaign past GFZ1, which I got lost in. I loaded up Mystic Realm and Ghoul's Forest basically immediately (fuck you Nev3r).

The funny thing is that this means I'm only three years later in playing the game then most of the 2003 oldbies. Take that.
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Old 03-23-2015   #150
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Well, I'm glad to share my story with SRB2 here.
So, I was a dumb kid there by 2007~, and found this game in a freeware-brazilian page called "" (dont bother searching for it, died a long time ago) it was the 1.09.4 version. Im a huge fan of sonic since I spent my childhood with my old and loved Sega Genesis playing Sonic and Sonic 2, so I guess I thought: "Hey, its Sonic!, let's give it a try..." And I started playing it, I remember not going straight forward to completing the levels, (I think I only made it trough THZ1 then) instead I started having fun with mods, specially character wads. Judging by the joining date displayed here I joined soon after starting to play, and despite I don't think I can be considered part of this community, I remember being here posting some nonsense while I was on a graphic design course on that time... (God I was such a noob brat, I remember laughing my ass off a couple nights ago re-reading my posts here) Well, 2077 finshed and I had to switch computers due to the change of custody of my parents, I thought I had made a long pause at the time but -to my surprise- the installer of the SRB2 which I'm playing from (now 2.0.4) dates from august 2009, I don't remember much but I think it was back then when I was able to beat Deep Sea Zone stages so happen to be stuck with Castle Eggman Zones, now that I grabbed it again I'm struggling with ACZ1.
I loved multiplayer, but since I'm not in NA I always have 190+ms ping, wich makes it unplayable. I hope to be more active in the community now, since It's here which, in a big part, I learned english.
EDIT: Guess who passed two more stages after posting? And even got another emerald! yeah I'm such a failure...
Originally Posted by Postal Dude
"This can't be good for me, but I feel great"

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Old 04-12-2015   #151
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I started this game in 2004. I had Srb2 1.08, then 1.09 era came. I always liked Hosting on Christmas hunt and OLDC levels. I mark 10 years since I've started this game. Im still here... Maybe?

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Old 05-09-2015   #152
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I started playing/modding in middle school.. so I was about 12/13?
I'm 25 now.
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Old 05-11-2015   #153
This is invalid!
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I've seen this game since 1.09.2, a strange version to be at for sure! My life here in the SRB2 world was quite dramatic, but it taught me a lot about behaviour and communication. I probably would have been far different if I didn't discover this game.

would that be... 2005-2006ish? It was around august, if I recall. Soon after getting it I had to redownload to get 1.09.3 and soon after, 1.09.4. And, funny enough, my first glimpse of it was watching SB speed-run. Hands up to those who remember SB and all his game-play glory!

I still have slight memorizes of Kroze as well,

also, mixing rail and auto gave you AUTOFAIL. I missed you I want to see you again.

And Dr. Pepper, your character wads still live on to this day, through the hands of players, shared alike. I'm dead serious. Some has been ported over multiple times by random players.
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Old 05-12-2015   #154
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Interestingly enough, you did make a post way back on page 3. (Though, this new one has more stuff you remember, so there's that)

Anyway, as I somehow don't have a post here, I've been playing since mid-to-late 2006, as I joined a few months after first playing SRB2, even online. I remember playing Spazz Attack back in December of 2006 on probably the only map that actually wasn't considered a hangout map of sorts.. whatever the term was. I even remember playing with sb, megasonic and LXShadow in the day, even to the point where I was playing on the same team with sb and we just went crazy together, regardless of the fact that I was -- and still am -- terrible.

Heck, I even remember hosting a server that somehow pushed my internet to the max with over 10 players (normally I could only handle about 3 people). I'm pretty sure that it was one of the OLDC mappacks, but I forgot which one it was.

And yes, I do remember meeting nev3r with his port of cutmanmike's GF2 wad. (Plus me being cheap by not having any sound, the pansy I am.. though it did make things a little harder, as I didn't know where to look by doing that)
Originally Posted by From IRC
Renard: vash what the crap i've never seen this happen to anybody in any irc
For some reason, my connection just disconnected 27 freaking times on August 27th for no reason. (Oh, wow.. XD 27 pings on August 27th)
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Old 05-12-2015   #155
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Well, you would'nt believe but I am playing SRB2 since the Demo 4.5 came.
I remember that there were only 4 zones(and Castle Eggman was having GFZ textures and that level was made as secret), multithok in Sonic and the water was always opaque.
And as I was at least 4 or 5 years old I had not went to website and I did'nt even knew about the message board.
As time flew away, I forgot about SRB2, but when 2.0.5 (I did'nt remember the version correctly) came I remembered about SRB2 and joined the message board.
I found SRB2 on a freeware games site called Acid Play.
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Old 06-04-2015   #156
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I don't remember exactly when I joined SRB2 but I did play it for a bit before joining the forum. I have a lot of memories with 1.09.4 along with the modding community behind it. Now a days I don't really play SRB2 anymore and I don't think I've bothered with the latest versions. I remember when SRB2 finally got past 2.0 which was exciting. The SRB2 forum was one of the very first forums I joined. I've made a lot of posts over the years on this forum many years ago but as I've been getting older, I've moved on. Seems weird that it was almost 10 years ago. It's kind of nice seeing that a lot of active members on here are from around the time I joined.

How exactly did I find this place? I'm not sure. I think it may have been YouTube. I have fond memories of JTE City and Mystic Realms. I also liked downloading characters and goofing around with them online. I even got a younger brother and friend hooked to play with me.
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Old 06-04-2015   #157
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If I remember correctly, I began playing SRB2 in 1.0.94a. So many good memories of getting banned from hosting back then. And the ragebait known as Red Volcano Zone.
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Old 06-05-2015   #158
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been playing this game since about 2005. A bit before Sonic 06 wan revealed, I believe. Ever since I started playing, I always wanted to get more into the community, but never knew how, so never joined the forum until about 2012. Still wish to become more active here, and online, but I can never find a game, haha.
I review games on youtube its kinda cool, I guess.
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Old 06-23-2015   #159
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I had actually started playing with the mac port of 2.0. Back then i could only just barely get past THZ. Then a few years later one of my favorite YouTubers did a review of 2.1, but I didn't have a windows computer so I had to be content with the mac port. Then a year later I got my own laptop so I could play version 2.1.
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Old 06-23-2015   #160
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I started playing SRB2 when I bought a RPG game CD that came in the SRB2 1:01 as I recall was in 2009 I stopped there after a while of playing and returned in 2013 in version 2.0.6.
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